The safety performance in the shipping industry

The safety performance in the shipping industry

One of the leading maritime insurers (Allianz) recently released a Shipping Review which gives a clear picture of the performance of the shipping industry regarding the safety performance. Over 75% of shipping insurance losses are caused by human error.

Safety in the shipping industry has been improved over the past decades. Investments have been made in safer ships, safety management systems and training of seafarers. Despite all efforts incidents still happen and the human element continues to be a major driver. Also in 2018, we faced some incidents, among the tragic incident with tanker Sanchi.

Advanced technology, (commercial) pressure, challenging circumstances (e.g. ice navigation), and behavioral and cultural risks on board makes it necessary to invest in a lifelong learning. Simulator training enables companies to train individuals as well as a complete team. Training must not be seen as a cost but as an investment in one’s operational excellence.

Within Simwave we developed different products for different segments of the shipping industry. From the cruise industry, ferries and superyacht to offshore vessels, tankers, and barges. A bridge resource management training (BRM), an engine room management training (ERM), ship-handling, emergency response training, LNG/ LPG, mooring master training etc. will contribute to a more competent crew. Our educational experts are happy to assist with setting up an educational plan in order to fulfill specific needs.

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