Visual Database

The 3D visual database developed by a skillful graphic designer team of dedicated graphical creators with the most advanced methods can improve image resolution and quality which help to enhance the processing capabilities of the simulator and smooth motion of 3D images. The depth of the water is based on the latest updated ENCs under the World Geodetic System 1984 WGS 84. The 3D visual databases include but do not limit to:

The 3D visual databases include but

Do not limit to:


  • Fairway and TSS systems
  • Seaport and riverport constructions
  • Terminal, jetties, quay with fender and mooring system
  • Navigation buoys, leading lines, and lighthouses
  • Bathymetyries

In addition to developing the visual database for ports and navigation fairways, Simwave also provides the production of a 3D visual database of urban, city, and natural landscapes for simulation, introduction, or management of various properties and resources.