Assessments for superyachts


Assessments for superyachts

Standards are high on superyachts. Owners and managers want to meet the highest standards and provide their guests with an unforgettable experience. Change of sailing plans, visiting remote areas, working with small teams; all these factors play a part in the day-to-day job of the crew on superyachts.

Broad range of assessments

To meet the expectations and guarantee safe operations, Simwave offers assessments for new hires, promotion and proficiency checks. When new officers are hired, it is important to assess the candidates on specific topics, such as:

  • Communication: Does the candidate communicate in a clear, effective and informative manner?
  • Manoeuvring: How does the candidate manoeuvre and what is the time needed for specific operations?
  • Marine legislations: Does the candidate demonstrate awareness of the applicable maritime legislative framework and act accordingly?
  • Situational Awareness: Is the candidate aware of the surroundings (perception) within a time and space frame, does the candidate understand their meaning and can she/he translate their status to the future (projection)?
  • Teamwork: Does the candidate pay attention to the needs and desires of the team, without compromising the efficiency of the work?
  • Cultural Awareness: Does the candidate display the ability to interact effectively with people of different cultures?
  • Leadership: How does the candidate motivate and stimulate his team to accomplish the desired result in both the short and long term


General and company specific assessments

Simwave assessments for superyachts consist of a general part and a company specific part. Our long-term clients are given the opportunity to carry out the assessments on their own mathematical model of their yacht. They also implement company specific parts of the assessments, such as operational procedures and specific sailing areas.
Gunther Alvarado, Head of Yacht Management & Marine Operations at Al Seer Marine is using the assessment tools of Simwave since its opening in 2018: “To raise the standards in the industry, we think it is important to train and assess crew members in order to optimize operations and work in safe manner. It gives us a better understanding of the competencies of all our crew members and the people we intend to hire.”

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