Build your own


Future-proof and tailor-made

Why invest a large amount of capital in a complex maritime simulator centre, the development of courses and an online learning management system?

Simwave offers companies the use of its facilities, products and network. Our facilities are future-proof and customisable to your company’s corporate values and needs. This provides you with all the benefits of a dedicated in-house training centre without the need to invest in and maintain infrastructure and content.

Join industry leaders in our facility and create bespoke competency-based training programmes and assessments without an upfront investment.


Your own dedicated training centre


Simwave offers companies full access to either one or multiple simulators, with the opportunity to brand the centre in line with your own ideas, wishes and philosophy in order to express your corporate values. When your customers, employees or any other stakeholders enter the premises, they will feel like they are walking into your facility.

Your own dedicated maritime training centre is supported by a network of training centres, a learning management system (LMS) and dedicated professionals with extensive knowledge on training and assessment.

Simwave also delivers mathematical models of your vessels and recreates specific sailing environments. Furthermore, we develop, maintain and update bespoke training material in addition to releasing a customised LMS experience, which helps optimise training outcomes and costs.


Benefits of the Simwave simulator centre

  • Simwave’s Centre of Excellence operates over 59 simulators for bridge, engine and cargo. All simulators are connected and run on the latest technology.
  • Our teams consist of didactical and industry experts, representing each market segment.
  • Our facilities are fully customisable according to your own corporate brand values – you can even bring your own trainer.
  • Simwave offers a wide range of courses and assists in the development, maintenance, revision as well as accreditation of training courses.

  • We provide in-house, independent assessment and unique tools for officers (engine and navigation departments).

  • You are also granted access to a worldwide network of training facilities.


Additional advantages


  • Simwave is flexible and open 24/7.
  • Our team also assist with travel arrangements and other training needs through our partnership with other providers.
  • We promote knowledge sharing between different segments of the maritime industry to improve operational excellence.
  • Our setup allows full integration between various simulators, e.g. bridge-engine or 7 other types of bridges.
  • We have the capacity to conduct applied research, e.g. port studies, mooring analyses, proposed operations, etc.
  • Simwave develops in-house virtual reality (VR) training on any place in the world.
  • We offer a comprehensive, up-to-date web-based management reporting system as part of your LMS.



  • Our services regularly receive 5-star reviews and have a high satisfaction rate – all our guests leave with a smile.
  • All our courses are customised and based on your particular procedures and instructions.
  • We are prepared for alternative and emerging technologies as well (e.g. LNG bunker simulator).
  • Simwave is open to partnerships in order to build your local assessment centre; third parties are also accommodated.
  • Pay-per-use: no upfront investment required.