Simwave & CMI featured in Cruise Industry News

Simwave & CMI featured in Cruise Industry News

CMI and Simwave Team Up to Establish Crew Training Academy

CMI Ship Management has announced the establishment of the CMI Crew Training Academy in partnership with Simwave’s Maritime Centres of Excellence.

According to a press release, Jim Barreiro de Leon, president and CEO at CMI, and Marcel Kind, CEO and founder of Simwave, have worked on the creation of a “bespoke, turn-key solution for CMI’s crew training needs.”

“We used this non-operational period to focus on many initiatives, rethinking our overall human resources strategy and in particular our training needs”, Barreiro de Leon stated.

He continued: “It became evident that providing ongoing training, particularly during these unprecedented times, is essential to ensure our valued colleagues onboard remained engaged and employed within our managed fleet”.

Kind said that Simwave is “a strategic maritime training partner for a quality management company such as CMI Ship Management.” 

“CMI is unique and specialized in its field, it made perfect sense to team up with a partner who can custom-build specific training needs to meet its varied services to different clientele, and we are best-positioned to do this. Through our Learning Management System and Competency Management System we build a bespoke specialized hybrid training program for all levels in CMI,” he noted.

Both Barreiro de Leon and Kind agreed that establishing and developing this partnership allows CMI to grow to meet the increased demand for quality crew for its fleet.

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