Engine room simulator

Full mission engine room simulator


Full mission engine room simulator, located on 2 decks, featuring an engine control room and a realistic engine room environment with local control stations, engine projection and touch screen applications. The entire setup models various engine room main- and auxiliary configurations and systems, i.e. 7 engine room models, including a cruise vessel with a diesel-electric propulsion system and LNG dual-fuel engines.

Bridge simulators can be combined with engine room simulators to run real assignments.

High-voltage simulator

The high-voltage simulator is comprised of real instruments and high-voltage breaker interfaced with the diesel-electric and diesel-electric dual-fuel platform simulator. The high-voltage system and simulator are compliant with the latest requirements.

BigView engine room simulator with part-task simulator

All 8 engine room systems can also be used via the interactive BigView system including 3D visuals.