On the 7th of February, Cinthya Lopes will be speaking at the European Dynamic Positioning Conference 2023 about Training requirements from the perspective of the Training Center. The paper will bring topics about skills shortages, challenges and a look at the future.

Simwave delivers specialized trainings in different segments of the maritime industry. As a Training center with solid experience, we can address the needs to make sure that competency is guaranteed amongst crewmembers. Having in mind that each segments has its own demands, we focus on developing customized training so the crew is able to achieve a high level of proficiency onboard. Amongst operations which involve Dynamic Positioning, it is crucial that operators are proficient not only on the equipment in use but also with the type of activity they are conducting. Many of the operations in the offshore fields are critical and demand an accurate risk assessment for the safety of the crewmembers and of the environment.

For this reason, each year more and more key players of the offshore industry are looking into customized training to optimize operations. During the European Dynamic Positioning Conference 2023 we will be discussing these topics and very willing to exchange information with the DP community!