Infection Control Officer Training Course

Infection Control Officer Training Course

According to the UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development), in early 2019 the total world fleet stood at 95,402 ships accounting for 1.97 billion dead-weight tons (dwt) of capacity.

Every single day, ships are crossing oceans and calling different ports in different countries across the globe. They contain isolated communities with close accommodations, shared sanitary facilities and common food and water supplies. Such conditions can be favourable to the spread of infectious diseases.

The inevitable publicity that comes along with a disease outbreak on board, can have a serious financial impact on the ship owners and those relying on use of the ship for transport or leisure not to mention the impact that it can have on public health at a larger scale.

The COVID-19 Pandemic and the major consequences it did cause to societies and economies have accelerated the idea of implementing the Role of ‘Infection Control Officer’ (ICO) on board ships. Although it is not yet a mandatory role on board, the last events could serve as a lesson for safer ships, hence a safer world.

We are now pleased to announce the roll out of the ‘Infection Control Officer Training Course’.

The unique ICO course is the result of a partnership between Simwave, a recognized global leader in maritime training and Vikand a global leader in maritime and remote medical operations and healthcare solutions.

The ICO training course is designed for all personnel that will be deployed on board ships to cover the role of Infection Control and Public health Officer.

The aim is to provide basic knowledge and understanding of infectious disease prevention and control measures that need to be applied on board to ensure safety of the crew and guests as well as contribute to safeguarding public health globally.

On successful completion of this course, participants will be able to join the vessels as Infection Control Officer or Public health Officer and in this capacity, monitor and supervise the correct application and compliance with policies, procedures and best practices to prevent and control on board outbreaks.

Comprising ten interactive and immersive modules based on identified competencies, the 30 hours training course will be delivered entirely online on the Simwave`s Learning Management System.

Self-assessments are done at the end of each module and related topics to ensure that participants have grasped and clearly understood the notions provided. To obtain a certificate the participant will have to go through a final assessment.

We believe that with this new course and the features contained in the LMS, we can prepare these new Officers to conduct their job diligently and ensure compliance with existing on-board protocols and contribute in designing effective and efficient new ones, to enhance public health aboard the vessels.

If you like to learn more about the Infection Control Officer Training Course or other courses in the Vikand Maritime School of Medicine and Public Health feel free to contact us.