EU-Qualified Inland Skipper

The course facilitates the qualification of inland captains at a management level, and is based on the European Standard for Inland Shipping. There are 7 modules in the scope of this course, including simulator training. The exams will be conducted by the CBR in accordance with the regulations of the CESNI standards adopted in 2023.


Inland Communication and riverspeak

The course provides participants with fundamental knowledge on communication theory, the theoretical and practical aspects of reporting as well as familiarity with different reporting procedures.

Riverspeak and practical use of communication during the voyage are also covered.


Inland Navigational Assessment

Assessments provide companies with valuable insight regarding the competency of inland captains/helmsman. They are also a useful tool to facilitate promotion or seek possible new hires.

The focus of a navigational assessment is equipment usage, passage planning, Collision Regulations, human elements, communication and protocols or emergencies.

Real-life and imaginary scenarios are available for all vessel types. Duration is normally between one and three days (depending on the number of participants).

Inland Safety Course

HIRAC Inland Safety Tanker

The course revolves around the total safety scope on board for inland (tank) shipping. Hazards will be explored in modules, reviewed and tested for the whole crew.

This training can also be provided online.

Inland Incident Prevention/Management

This course improves inland ship-handling skills.

The tailored scenarios allow crew to practice manoeuvring in different situations and areas, rivers and harbours, including approaches to inland harbours, rivers, canals and lakes using ship models designed for various operations.

The training is a combination of theory, simulator exercises and debriefing sessions.


Inland Navigation Rhine License

Inland training to prepare participants for Rhine licences in combination with inland simulator training on different stretches of the Rhine river.


Inland Navigation

This training provides fundamental knowledge and understanding to helmsman and skippers on ship-handling and manoeuvring strategies for ships with thruster propulsion systems.


Technical Course for Inland Shipping Crews

This course provides training to mates, helmsman, and skippers on the fundamentals of shipping technology, engines, electrical systems, and power plants along with the pump and manoeuvring systems of inland ships and propulsion systems.


Inland navigation

TThis training provides helmsman and skippers with fundamental knowledge and understanding on ship-handling and manoeuvring strategies for ships with conventional propulsion systems.


Defensive Sailing

This training on defensive sailing in inland navigation for captains and helmsman is a simulator course that can be combined with the inland ECDIS course.


Inland ECDIS Training

This course provides captains and helmsman with an overview of inland ECDIS programmes developed for inland navigation, and is a simulator course that can be combined with the theoretical background of different inland ECDIS systems such as Periskal and Tresco.