Simwave B.V. and The Philippine Centre for Advanced Maritime Simulation and Training, Inc., PHILCAMSAT, signed a Joint Venture agreement that will pave the way for a ‘new era of continuous development’ in the maritime industry at a digital signing ceremony on the 11th of December 2020.The partnership will provide the maritime industry with a customizable learning management system using the Simwave Maritime Assessment Program.

The first of its kind, the joint venture signifies an incomparable partnership, with training centres unmatched in the countries where they operate. Simwave, Europe’s leading independent maritime simulator centre, and PHILCAMSAT, Asia’s only European certified training centre, will jointly work on technology solutions as well training and assessments curricula of the highest standards in order to provide a global training and assessment solution for the world’s shipping companies. The program will be available both online and onsite through accredited centres.

Gerardo Borromeo, CEO of PHILCAMSAT, Inc. parent company, The PTC Group, summarized the partnership as, “This partnership between PHILCAMSAT and Simwave B.V. sets a new industry standard for training and crew competencies in Asia, better enabling us to not only meet but also anticipate the evolving demands of the maritime industry. Through this cooperation, we are further enhancing our ability to transform seafarers into global maritime professionals who move the world in more ways than one.” 

The Simwave B.V and PHILCAMSAT partnership is a response to the industry’s requirements for consistent standards of training and assessment world-wide, customizable training solutions, broader access to training using information technology and the reliable means to verify the competencies of individual crew members.

Marcel Kind, CEO and Founder of Simwave B.V. reinforces this, “Unique in this cooperation is that two industry leading companies join forces in order to increase and assess competencies for Seafarers. By joining forces with PHILCAMSTAT and the PTC Group we will boost our footprint of our in-house developed LMS, VR- solutions as well as our Simwave Assessment Program.’

The Joint Venture will create bespoke training for their valued customers as well as accredited training, like the Basic Training for Polar Code and IGF Code.

About Simwave

Simwave acts as a highly specialized and multi-disciplinary knowledge centre for the maritime industry which uses state-of-the-art simulators, works the best professionals and all our services meet the highest standards. Simwave is making the maritime industry safer by developing, delivering and supporting (outsourced) solutions with maritime (simulator) training and assessment, allowing companies of all sizes to use simulators for training, assessment and applied research, whenever needed and to customers’ needs.

Simwave operates over 59 connected simulators for Bridge, Engine & Liquefied cargo handling.


The Philippine Center for Advanced Maritime Simulation and Training, Inc. (PHILCAMSAT) is the first maritime training center in the Philippines to be thrice-certified by Det Norske Veritas for Maritime Training, is recognized by the UK Merchant Navy Training Board (UKMNTB), and is the only institution in Asia to be certified by the Belgian Maritime Inspectorate.  Committed to transforming seafarers into global maritime professionals, PHILCAMSAT sets the global standard for maritime training in the Philippines, home to the world’s Filipino seafarer of choice.

A 2019 Lloyd’s List Asia Pacific Awardee for Excellence in Safety and Training, PHILCAMSAT has been a pioneering training center since 1992.