Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of our customers were, and still are, not able to join us to attend a training course. Therefore we have developed a Learning Management System (LMS) with online courses like Fatigue Risk Management, Vessel Resource Management and COLREGS.

Very informative and engaging questions. – an officer in the Cruise industry

In this way, both the personnel on board and at home were able to gain more knowledge on these subjects. Personnel about to join their ship refreshed their knowledge on the collision regulations before joining. This was also beneficial for those who had to stay on board longer than planned by keeping them alert and in the training mode, making sure everyone was aware of the risks of fatigue.

We have received a lot of positive feedback about our LMS and we are proud of it. Therefore we have decided to continue developing the LMS into the feature, allowing new and existing customers to have a customized training environment with videos, quizzes, pre-reading material, certificates and even forums. The online environment allows tracking of training progress and provides an insight into the knowledge gained.

“Great to have an online course for us to complete regarding COLREGS.” – an officer in the Cruise industry

The LMS can be used for pre-reading material before attending courses at Simwave, a complete online training or a short refresher after having followed a live course at Simwave, increasing the retention of the gained knowledge even further. Also, personnel certificates can be uploaded to keep a record of the followed courses and when refreshers should be done.

If you would like to have more information regarding online training or our LMS, have a look at our example training or send us an email at welcome@simwave.nl.