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Message from our CEO

Last weeks I had the pleasure to visit Nor Shipping in Oslo as well as Seatrade Cruise Global in Miami and meet with clients, participants and stakeholders in the maritime industry. During those events you start to realize how important it is to meet and discuss crew welfare, crew training and see all the technology which is used in the maritime industry.

The Maritime industry is data-drive and proactive when it comes to fleet management and equipment on board, but crew sustainability is underexposed. There is not real-time data and follow up when it comes to conditions affecting Safety Training, Crew Wellbeing and Mental Health. That deserves a call to action! At Simwave we undersigned the Seafarer Human Sustainability Declaration. In the newsletter you can learn more about the declaration and we will support initiatives to support Human Sustainability, among with crew welfare training and supporting tools. Our Crew Management System will help companies to have a better understanding of the crew members, learning paths and supports decision making.

In this newsletter we highlight the Human Sustainability Declaration, online Colregs training, a new content developer and the open trainings. On the 19th of May we also host a Technical webinar in close cooperation with FLUITEC about ‘ Increasing reliability for Marine sector Stakeholders’. During this Webinar you will gain an overview of Operation guidelines for lubricated assets, ways to avoid unplanned maintenance and experts an expert of Exxon Mobil will share insights. On our website you will find more information.

Enjoy your day and we hope to see you soon again!

Marcel Kind
CEO & Founder

Seafarer Human Sustainability Declaration

Simwave and key maritime stakeholders have launched the Seafarers’ Human Sustainability Declaration. The Declaration aims to recognize and improve how the global maritime community meets the human sustainability needs of seafarers both today and into the future.

To achieve long-term sustainability for commercial maritime business, our industry must invest in the sustainability of its most critical resource: seafarers themselves. This Seafarer Human Sustainability Declaration, therefore, encompasses a broad set of principles designed to incrementally improve every category of life for both seafarers and their loved ones at home.

We believe that incremental improvements to all areas of human sustainability can have a profound impact on the long-term health of our maritime workforce. Let us ensure the sustained commercial viability of our industry by uniting around continuous advancement.

Read the full article about Seafarer Human Sustainability Declaration on our website.

COLREGs – Online training

A lack of knowledge and understanding is one of the main reasons for regulations to be ignored and/or not obeyed when trying to avoid collision. As part of our extensive portfolio, we have developed a COLREGs course with the aim to provide a simplified approach in understanding the rules of the road at sea.

In a research, it was established that more than 50% of the seafarers (subjects to the research) ignored the COLREGs, whereas 90% of them mentioned “lack of knowledge, poor knowledge of the COLREGs and lack of education” as main reasons for such a situation.

The online or hybrid COLREG course will help Mariners in acquiring a sound knowledge and understanding of the COLREGs with particular emphasis on the rules that are often unclear or misinterpreted.

With the assumption that you already have a certain level of knowledge and understanding of the Rules of the road at sea, through this course, we would like to ensure that you have a better understanding of rules so that you apply them more instinctively (in other words “naturally”) as you would usually do when driving your own car.

To achieve the above, by the end of this course, you will be able to:
• Explain the meaning of each rule.
• Understand how the rules work with each other’s
• Apply the rules in practice

Differently from other courses we do not overwhelm participants with studying the rules by heart but rather we navigate deeply into them and build on existing knowledge of each mariner with the aim to promote the correct application of the rules and contribute in safer seas.

Open enrolments

On our website we offer a range of open courses. These courses will be extended in the coming period. The open courses that we are offering at the moment are LNG introduction for shoreside personnelPolar & Ice Navigation (Polar & Ice Navigation Basic now also online!) , DP Familiarization CourseSTS operationsNavigation Assessor CourseIGF course.

Please have a look at our open courses.

In our Learning Management System we also offer a lot of different courses. If you would like to know more please contact us

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