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Simwave Newsletter August 2020

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Message from our CEO Marcel Kind

Unfortunately, in the maritime industry accidents and incidents still happen while the level of compliance towards international maritime legislation is reasonably high. It is a misunderstanding that complying with legislation automatically means safe navigation and that compliance alone creates a safe workplace. For this reason, Simwave decided to issue a Best Practice Guideline for competency-based training which is beyond compliance and provides an overview of how to work towards a competency management framework.

The transition from compliance to competency aims to ensure organisational progress and safety by building a more resilient, highly skilled, motivated and committed workforce. Our aim with issuing this Best Practice Guideline for merchant navy ship operators is offering a framework for competency-based training and assist companies with all maritime training needs, world-wide and with the use of a mix of tools to optimize training effectiveness and efficiency. 

As a competence centre Simwave develops products, shares simulator capacity, and has both industry and educational experts. This unique mix of competences enables us to create specialised courses and assessments per company. By sharing our knowledge and best practices we hope to make our contribution to the goal of zero incidents.

Download the Best Practice Guideline here

If you like to know more about this Best Practice Guideline and meet with our educational experts we are always happy to discuss.

With warm regards,

Marcel Kind
CEO & Founder

Inland Academy Additional Accreditation

The Inland Academy of Simwave has obtained an additional accreditation from the Dutch Authorities (CCV CBR) for the Practical Exam Captain Inland Navigation. With this accreditation, Simwave can offer the full scope of training towards the examination of a Master. With this last accreditation Simwave offers a full package of training for inland ship operators to train their crew and future crew members for the position of Master. Simwave provides all lessons and course material in multiple languages.

Our two full missions simulators in combination with our extensive library of sailing area’s and type of ships, together with our part-task simulator for communication, radar, ECDIS, and technical simulators for the engine room and bunkering makes Simwave the leading private institute for inland education. In combination with our partner organisation Transafe, which provides hazardous goods education (ADN), we offer a full scope for future crew member.

If you have more questions about the possibilities of the Inland Academy please contact Henk Heiboer ( or Cristiaan Heuvelman (

Cargo Training

The STCW Convention and its 1995 amendments establish standards of training and competence for seafarers. Chapter V contains specific requirements for personnel serving on oil tankers, chemical tankers and gas carriers-, it defines the training and experience needed by officers, ratings and personnel involved in cargo handling, which usually  included a tanker familiarization course.  Personnel on tankers require an appropriate tanker endorsement on their STCW certificates of competence. 

In line with the STCW Convention, industry guidelines and vetting requirements Simwave developed multiple generic courses as well as company specific courses. In these courses, we use different tools to comply with company- specific requirements for a bespoke training, training efficiency and training outcome. Within the courses we use different tools to provide a full experience for the participant: we use our cargo simulator, VR-tool and our Learning Management System

Courses are designed for personnel on tankers (STCW based and/or company-specific), personnell on other vessels (e.g. IGF code), terminal operators and personnel involved in Ship-to-Ship Operations (superintendents and POAC). 

If you would like more information please contact our Customer Service Team (

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