Simwave Newsletter February 2021

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Message from our CEO Marcel Kind

Winter arrived well in The Netherlands and since many years the Dutch could ice skate on the channels and lakes. This is a moment of fun for us with beautiful pictures; ice skating in the centre of Rotterdam or a tour alongside the windmills in Kinderdijk. In both places we would like to see the inland cruise ships again this summer.

Meanwhile vaccination is ramping up in many countries and step-by-step we learn to deal with the pandemic.  
In this newsletter you learn how we conduct online Port Studies with different stakeholders, in different time zones, different simulators in order to conduct a full port study without the necessity to travel to our centre of excellence. The same applies for our Simwave’s Nautical Assessment Program. We provide a client the possibility to participate in the assessment online while the participant is assessed on a real bridge with real equipment. To minimalize travel we also offer this assessment through our certified partner in The Philippines, PHILCAMSAT. 

In February we also started a unique learning program for an inland shipping company to deliver fully certified captains. This program is also suitable for seafarers who like to work in the inland shipping industry. During the training the participants learn the specific rules of the European inland waterway as well as learn to sail through our inland bridge simulator. The inland bridge simulator is the best available in the market with the most extensive library of rivers in Europe.

In our Learning Management System we also uploaded the Basic Polar Code training. The Basic Polar Code online is certified and participants can follow the course completely online. The Advanced Course need to be attended in our Centre of Excellence and can be combined with other training. 

For the Cruise industry we appointed David Frassetto as a focal point. David is responsible for our Training Innovation Platform to facilitate the return to service programs for the different clients. Together with our Training Manager Aat Hoorn and our Project Manager Sander Klaasse, David will take care of a total training solution for cruise and expedition clients. 

With warm regards,

Marcel Kind
CEO & Founder

The new approach for port study and applied research

The Corona epidemic prevents peoples from physically working together and it also affects the applied research which requires practical sites and laboratories. As a result, the captains, pilots, navigators, tug maters, port authorities, and concerned parties cannot sail together in the same bridge for a manoeuvring assessment or a port study. This is a big challenge.

In Simwave, a new solution has been created and took place. Instead of the conventional method, new online technologies can connect navigation teams from different points of the world to sail on the same ship at the same time. This is an online simulation with full mission bridge (FMB) simulators provided with full hydrodynamic mathematical models in 6 degrees of freedom, real navigation equipment, high quality of 3D visual database, and high accuracy of meteorology conditions.

With this technology, the FMB in Simwave is connected to all ends where participants can join in a video research room integrated with all manoeuvring data from navigation devices and propulsion systems.

Simwave can provide the same range of study as a conventional manner including a Feasibility study for a new fairway, TSS; Feasibility Study for a new terminal; Mooring Analysis.

Inland waterways

Inland Academy
On the 11th of February Simwave started the first week of the new learning program ‘Captain inland shipping’ with eight participants of Vario Crewing. The program lasts until September 2021. 

The training program is both theoretical and practical. Theory is delivered through our Learning Management System (LMS) as well as in our Centre of Excellence by an experienced teacher. All classes are in English but the nominated Captains receive Dutch lessons as well and River Speak. The learning program consists of the following elements:

1. Regulations 1 
2. Regulations 2 
3. Waterway knowledge 
4. Safety and Environment 
5. Ship and Engine knowledge 
6. Loading and Unloading 
7. Navigation 1 
8. Navigation 2 

All the participants have sufficient experience on board inland tankers, however trough this learning program they are able to earn their official certificates and they receive extensive simulator training on different river stretches and during different circumstances, like low/high water, bad sight, sailing in locks etc. 

During the first week they also received technical training with the support of our engine room simulators. Our Inland River team takes care of the full training and examination and our customer service team arrange all travel arrangements. 

           River passing with current.

           Inland Simulator (Navigation in Rotterdam with current and wind)

           Engine room Simulation 

Open enrolments

On our website we also offer a range of open courses. These courses will be extended in the coming period. The open courses that we are offering at the moment are LNG introduction for shoreside personnelPolar & Ice Navigation (Polar & Ice Navigation Basic now also online!) , DP Familiarization CourseSTS operationsNavigation Assessor Course, etc.

Please have a look at our open courses.

In our Learning Management System we also offer a lot of different courses. If you would like to know more please contact us

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