Simwave Newsletter January 2021

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Message from our CEO Marcel Kind

Happy new year!
I hope each of you have safely entered in to 2021. Perhaps more than ever I am excited about the way forward, a fresh start with all new opportunities. Looking back at the last 12 months it was not easy for the shipping industry but with vaccination programs in place, COVID testing widely available and robust protocols for the wider industry I look forward with confidence.

In the spirit of moving forward we committed ourselves to further invest in our online learning tools. In January we extend our software development team in The Netherlands to further develop our Learning Management System and make it available for crew members both offline and online. Our commitment in 2021 towards our partners is to provide bespoke learning solutions in order to optimize the learning efficiency, continuous learning goals and work cost effectively.

We started the year with an online LNG Training but we are also happy to see that we are still able provide simulator training and assessments in our facility. With over 5.000 m2 of training ground our set-up is designed for the post COVID times. Also this month we provided different trainings and we are pleased with the feedback of our participants. The COVID protocols are well received both by participants as stakeholders. We provide a secure environment!

Training and assessment is important more than ever. The phenomenon of skill fade is widely recognized. Skill fade occurs following time off work and when starting up maritime operations it is understood that competences need to be trained and assessed. Not only individual skills but also team performance and procedural training on a bridge or in the engine room need to be addressed. For this reason we designed several ‘return to service’ training.

If you like to learn more about our training solutions feel free to contact me and we schedule a meeting how we can help you out with specific goals.

With warm regards,

Marcel Kind
CEO & Founder

Online LNG introductory course for shoreside personnel

From 4 to 8 January this year, Simwave successfully delivered an LNG introductory course to a group of Damen shipyards employees. This course, normally taught in class at Simwave, was now delivered online. The participants had been given access to the Simwave Learning Management System, where they could find all learning materials, such as the course outline, reader, presentations and papers, all in support of the live stream lessons.

For three days, the participants and teacher Aat Hoorn spent a lot of time together to discover everything about the use of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) as fuel for marine engines. In addition to the theory, videos were shared to highlight the practical side of handling LNG. By utilizing the LNG bunker simulator, it was even possible to demonstrate the bunker process online and the change over from fuel oil to gas.

The responses of the participants at the end indicated that a lot had been learned and that the course can be called a success. So, it turns out that where there is a will there is also a way, also when it comes to look for alternatives to classroom teaching.

Simwave’s LMS is already in use but remains subject of further development and fine tuning. Simwave strives to offer a self-developed and therefore unique Learning Management System that can be counted among the top of what there is in this field, an LMS of excellence.

Simwave hopes soon to be able to receive participants again in her training center in Barendrecht. Until then, but also afterwards, Simwave has developed as a center of excellence for all possible types of online training into the future.

LMS development accelerates

Throughout 2020, Simwave developed a Learning Management System (LMS) that caters for our participants to continue learning in these challenging times. The LMS was launched last summer and has since seen exponential growth in created courses and enrolled users.

The LMS has all capabilities required to create and follow both self-guided and live courses through all forms of multi-media and online classrooms.

We at Simwave always strive to the highest possible standard in training and therefore continue the development of the LMS at an accelerated rate. With exciting new features and a design upgrade, our online academy will go above and beyond all existing systems to train crew globally, whenever they want and wherever they are.

As online training becomes part of the feature, we intend to make is as exciting as possible. To give you a sneak preview into the features that are being developed currently:
• Offline learning on the fly
• Virtual Reality (VR)
• Online simulation
• Lightning-fast and easy to use
• Engaging design
• Scientifically proven training methods

Throughout the coming months, we will keep you updated on the progress. If you would like to become an early adopter of the LMS, and start training online, get in touch with us. We are more than happy to talk to you in more detail about the current possibilities and future features.

Open enrolments

On our website we also offer a range of open courses. These courses will be extended in the coming period. The open courses that we are offering at the moment are LNG introduction for shoreside personnelPolar & Ice NavigationDP Familiarization CourseSTS operationsNavigation Assessor Course, etc.

Please have a look at our open courses.

In our Learning Management System we also offer a lot of different courses. If you would like to know more please contact us

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