Simwave Newsletter January 2023

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Message from our CEO

Welcome to our first newsletter of 2023 and we are excited to share the latest news in training and skills development. 

If we discuss the training and skills development of seafarers we also need to discuss decarbonizing the shipping industry. The Maritime Just Transition Task Force issued a report end of 2022 emphasizing that the industry needs to build a training infrastructure in order to provide training to support to future fuel mix. 

It is clear that the seafarers of tomorrow need different competencies to support a successful energy transition. To operate new technology and work with alternative fuels the industry will face some challenges and high-end technical training as well as soft skill training need to be made available. This will be a challenge as legislation is not always in place and we do not only need to concentrate on compliance training but also on familiarization, safety  and company/ship specific training. As Simwave we are involved in developing different training, and we try to share our knowledge with our accredited partners world-wide. Through our Learning Management System we make different initial training available as well as refreshment training, among IGF Code training, ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems,  Energy Efficiency etc. 

One of the initiatives we took is to set up a collaboration with React Emergency Response Service in order to share knowledge and create standards for new hazards on board of ships, among lithium- ion batteries. React has the on board emergency response experience where they assist during major fires on board of different ship types, from containers ships, to ferries and tankers. Ship specific or company specific firefighting training is needed on top of our online firefighting training. During the onboard training awareness will be created among the crew as well as getting a better understanding of their own equipment and the specific dangers they have on board. 

In this newsletter you will read about energy efficiency, about the latest developments in our LMS/CMS and our open course agenda. 

If you have any question feel free to contact me.

Marcel Kind
CEO & Founder

Energy Efficien

Climate change is affecting everything and everyone from every imaginable angle.

The present energy transition is creating a vast number of opportunities and challenges, at a frenetic pace.
This refers not only to the most convenient and renewable fuel, or the cleanest, and most sustainable energy. It also alters the way we think, and the way our systems operate (spglobal, 2023).

Do we just want to be competitive, or are we really focused on achieving concrete, sustainable goals?
The environmental benefit is of significant magnitude and action is vital. While the subsequent business impact is a considerable challenge to weigh up, sustainable management is now the accepted norm, and shipping companies have a very important role to play in the integration and speed of the process.

Read the full article on our website, Energy Efficiency

European Dynamic Positioning Conference 2023

On the 7th of February, Cinthya Lopes will be speaking at the European Dynamic Positioning Conference 2023 in London about Training requirements from the perspective of the Training Center. The paper will bring topics about skills shortages, challenges and a look at the future.

Simwave delivers specialized trainings in different segments of the maritime industry. As a Training center with solid experience, we can address any needs to make sure that competency is guaranteed at the highest level amongst crewmembers. Having in mind that each segments has its own demands, we focus on developing customized training so the crew is able to achieve a high level of proficiency onboard. Amongst operations which involve Dynamic Positioning, it is crucial that operators are proficient in not only operating the equipment but also with the type of activity they are conducting. Many of the operations in the offshore fields are critical and demand an accurate risk assessment for the safety of the crewmembers and of the environment.

For this reason, each year more and more key players of the offshore industry are looking into customized training to optimize operations. During the European Dynamic Positioning Conference 2023 we will be discussing these topics and very willing to exchange information with the DP community!

Interested in attending? Please click here to reserve tickets.

Internal company publication management

The power of our platform has now expanded to the dissemination, reading and management of internal company publications on the Simwave platform. Whether you are publishing company videos, circulars, bulletins, newsletters, recommendations, incident reports or any other internal media, you are now able to upload and manage every step within the platform.
Once you have your media ready, your personnel with the correct access rights within the system are able to upload the media with information which will channel it to the correct people like a business unit or a ship class or a certain position etc. It can be mandatory for all or recommended for some or for a specific selection within the organization. This ensures the dissemination of company information is focussed and targeted to only the people it is meant for. This is an extremely important feature in today’s world of information quantity blur.

Once the publications are out in the fleet, you can easily follow on your dashboard who has read them and who hasn’t and also export the data to excel for analysis purposes. This way you are also able to build up know how on reception and understanding trends of your seafarers. Statistics on the same are also built into the dashboard and can be customized easily based on your need’s.

The best of all of this is that it’s offered within the Simwave platform as an automatic add-on feature to all subscribing customers at this time. There is no extra cost for using this feature from your side.

Open enrolments & agenda

On our website, we offer a range of open courses. These courses will be extended in the coming period. 

Upcoming courses:

  • 2-days DP Familiarization: February 13 & 14
  • 5-days IGF Code Basic & Advanced (accredited): February 27 – March 03
  • 5-days Polar Code Basic & Advanced (accredited): March 06 – 10 
  • 3-days Bridge Resource Management: April 12 – 14
  • 3-days Engine room Resource Management: February 27 – 01

Interested? Have a look at our open courses.

In our Learning Management System, we also offer a lot of different courses. If you would like to know more, please contact us

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