Simwave Newsletter June 2020

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Message from our CEO Marcel Kind

This month we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Day of the Seafarer. Seafarers are playing an essential role in maintaining the supply chain with vital goods, such as food, medicines and fuel supplies. Therefore, Seafarers are key workers and we need to support them as well as countries should provide them with the support they deserve and the challenges they face. In the last months we have seen different reactions from governments which should be addressed and prevented.

This week the government in The Netherlands has announced that most of the measurements regarding COVID-19 are eased as of July the 1st. Social distancing, washing your hands regularly etc. will remain. All other restrictions have been eased. While Simwave’s policies remain strict the travel arrangements have been made easier and all restaurants and bars have reopened in our beautiful city Rotterdam. An excellent way to travel to Rotterdam within Europe is by train which also has excellent connections to e.g. London, Paris, Frankfurt etc.

In the past months the board and management team has finalized the Vision 2025 which will further strengthen our position as a world-wide centre of excellence. We will further enroll our Learning Management System, invest in virtual reality solutions (e.g. for on board familiarizations) and further strengthen our international position. As said Seafarers are key workers and we, with our partners, invest in the competencies of these workers!

Within this newsletter we would like to give you a brief summary of our new developments and projects that we have been doing over the last month. I hope you enjoy reading and if you have questions we are there to help you!

With warm regards,

Marcel Kind
CEO & Founder

Inland Shipping Academy | Become a licensed master within 18 Months

Simwave is offering a shortened and unique training program to become a Master in the Inland Shipping Industry. The inland shipping industry is growing and essential to Europe in order to supply goods to the hinterland. Besides that, the European Inland Waterways are also excellent to cruise. The inland shipping industry is a modern fleet and offers excellent opportunities.

This course allows you to work on board of an inland vessel and to attend classes at Simwave once every eight weeks. For the theoretical and practical courses at Simwave we use our advanced Inland Simulator, our ECDIS/RADAR simulators and our liquid cargo simulators. You will be attending Simwave in a total of 8 weeks. The course will be supervised by experienced instructors and each study week will be completed with an official exam.

Which subjects will be covered?

  1. Regulations 1
  2. Regulations 2
  3. Waterway knowledge
  4. Safety and environment
  5. Ship and Engine knowledge
  6. Loading and Unloading
  7. Navigation 1
  8. Navigation 2
  9. ADN Basic
  10. Inland ECDIS
  11. Radar training
  12. First aid

If you would like to learn more about the admission requirements and would like to receive the full program please feel free to send an email to

Open Enrolments

On our website we also offer a range of open courses. These courses will be extended in the coming period. The open courses that we are offering at the moment are Polar & Ice Navigation, DP Familiarization Course, STS operations, Navigation Assessor Course, etc.

Please have a look at our open courses.

In our Learning Management System we also offer a lot of different courses. If you would like to know more please contact us.

Mathematical modelling

The mathematical model is known as the “brain” of any simulation system. With Kongsberg’s K-Sim mathematical modelling tools and the experts in the modeler team of Simwave we are able to cope with any challenge concerning modelling. Our team maintains an extensive knowledge of shipbuilding, hydrodynamics, aerodynamics, ship propulsion systems, marine engineering, automation, navigation.

Simwave is capable of building various types of ship models such as:

  • Cruises and ferries
  • Tankers
  • Dry cargo ships
  • Offshore vessels and floating constructions including AHSVs, MODUs
  • Navy ships
  • Inland water vessels
  • Fishing ships
  • Fixed or floating objects
  • Buoys and other floating lights

3D Visual Design
3D visual database, developed by a skillful graphic designer team on dedicated graphical creators with the most advanced methods, can improve image resolutions and quality which helps to enhance the processing capabilities of the simulator and will smooth motions of 3D images.

In addition to developing visual databases for ports and navigation fairway, Simwave also provides the production of 3D visual databases of urban, city and natural landscapes for simulations as well as introduction or management of various properties and resources.

If you would like to know more about Mathematical modelling, you can read our article.

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