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Message from our CEO Marcel Kind

Towards the end of the first quarter vaccination is ramping up in the different countries and the need to open up societies is widely heard. In The Netherlands the vaccination process started slowly but is on track now and it is expected that everyone receives their vaccine before the summer starts. That’s positive news!

How different this is for seafarers. The International Chamber of Commerce (ICS) is warning for the lack of access to COVID-19 vaccinations for seafarers. Shipping companies have a risk with sailing with not vaccinated crew. This is a point of concern for all involved in shipping and this should be prioritized not only because shipping is vital for the global economy. How vital shipping is for our economies is proven by the incident in the Suez Canal. The grounding of a 20.000 TEU containership is causing headaches in the logistic chain.

Our activities are increasing again after the sharp back fall in March 2020. Our online presence with our Learning Management System and the need of shipping companies and charterers to work with competent teams on board let our activities grow again. In the newsletter you read about our latest contact with McDermott for creating a mathematical model and training / applied research program for the Amazon vessel, a Fast-Transit, Dynamically Positioned (DP2) construction vessel with an Ultra -Deepwater J-Lay System. The simulation model will not only used for training/familiarization but also for Risk Assessments for new projects.

In this newsletter you will also learn about our quality management system and combined BRM/ERM training. Our solution to integrate different simulators in one scenario including the Engine Room creates value to train combined teams and keep everyone on the same page. In the way you can prepare for unexpected events, like blackouts.

In the month of April we will announce new training both online and onside as well as new cooperations. Our team is growing again and we look forward to welcome you all back again in Rotterdam

With warm regards,

Marcel Kind
CEO & Founder

Press Release – McDermott chooses Simwave as simulation partner

McDermott chooses Simwave as simulation partner for the Fast-Transit, Dynamically Positioned (DP2) construction vessel with an ultra-deepwater J-Lay system, AMAZON.

Press Release – McDermott – Simwave

Simulator training to be prepared for the unexpected

Although modern ships are utilized with Integrated Automation Systems, backup systems and many more, still blackouts occur, with loss of propulsion and steering capacity. Possible causes are for example:

  • Mechanical failure, such as hidden latent failures that reveal unexpectedly during sudden and substantial load changes.
  • Failure in supporting processes, such as issues in the fuel supply.
  • Failure in the electrical systems, such as a double earth fault or a direct short cut.
  • Human failure, such as simply pressing the wrong button due to for instance stress, fatigue or lack of good communication.
  • Sometimes just an in itself simple failure of a small solenoid valve or a small wrong action can lead to an unwanted event with enormous g consequences and impact to safety, environment and economics.

Therefore, regular testing of e.g., emergency power supply and emergency steering system, toolbox meetings, blackout simulation drills, closed loop communication drills are a ‘must’ in an effort to be prepared at all times for undesired and potentially dangerous situations.

Besides that, likewise in aviation, away from the daily hectic on board, training on simulators with clear objectives and skilled instructors should be a recurring theme for ship officers. 

Simulators are already proven indeed as beneficial tools for improvement of competences onboard. Every incident that can be avoided with a simulator training is profit.

At Simwave, one of the most special types of training happens when we connect bridge and engine simulators, to bring Navigators and Engineers together on the same environment, each operating its own department but making part of the same vessel. This type of simulator training is designed to strengthen and enhance participants’ technical and non technical skills, specially by practicing communication and decision-making involving bridge and engine teams in the process.

One of the greatest learning outcomes from combining bridge and engine in the same simulated environment, is that crew can improve their ability to deal with emergency situations that require inputs from both departments for a safe decision.

Quality Management 

On the 15th and 16th of March we were audited again by DNV for the following  standards:

  • DNVGL-ST-0029 | Maritime Training Providers
  • ISO 9001:-2015  | Quality Management

This year the focus areas were a) course design &  reverification, b) management of change and c) Learning Management System and VR. 
Since last year Simwave is providing online courses and also for the online courses learning objectives need to be achieved and the active participation of someone needs to be closely monitored. For trainers and course developers this is different and therefore our management paid special attention to this process. Our management of changes processes is focused on the COVID-19 measures. The development  and implementation of our LMS /CMS and VR solutions were  part of the audit as well including the performance of our team in Vietnam.

We are happy to learn that we  meet and exceed all standards and receive positive feedback form the auditor. As an organisation we keep on learning and improving and provide the proper learning solutions for our clients. 

Open enrolments

On our website we also offer a range of open courses. These courses will be extended in the coming period. The open courses that we are offering at the moment are LNG introduction for shoreside personnelPolar & Ice Navigation (Polar & Ice Navigation Basic now also online!) , DP Familiarization CourseSTS operationsNavigation Assessor Course, etc.

Please have a look at our open courses.

In our Learning Management System we also offer a lot of different courses. If you would like to know more please contact us

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