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Simwave Newsletter May 2020

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Message from our CEO Marcel Kind

The sun is shining again in Rotterdam and people are getting in the mood to go out and enjoy the weather. Also at Simwave we feel the summer is coming; the first crew members from abroad arrived again and companies book new orders to restart their training programs in line with their competency management programs. 

In the last months we made great progress with our Learning Management System (LMS) and we renewed some training programs. In this newsletter you can read about our renewed Polar Code training for Cruise & Expedition Vessels as well as for Superyachts. Our general training program for the Polar Code is completely redesigned with the expertise and collaboration of EYOS expeditions for these specific industries. With this course we will set a complete new industry standard! Also our IGF code training (Basic and Advanced) have been updated with the latest insides and technology. The LNG bunker simulator is a great tool and our technical specialists are able to customize LNG training to customers’ needs.

Our mission at Simwave is to make the maritime industry safer by developing, delivering and supporting outsourced solutions with maritime training, assessments and applied research. As a CEO I am thrilled to see that our industry experts join several industry bodies to bring in their expertise for the entire industry, e.g. our Offshore expert Cinthya Lopes participates in different IMCA working groups and our Inland Shipping specialist Henk Heiboer is involved in different working groups for the Inland Shipping Industry. It is good to see that different sectors in the maritime domain work on similar solutions, e.g. crew competence, new technologies etc. With our broader overview we are confident to deliver added value.

With this newsletter we give you some more insights and if you have any question please let us know

With warm regards,

Marcel Kind
CEO & Founder

Polar & Ice Navigation

EYOS Expeditions and Simwave have developed a bespoke ice navigation and expedition operations simulator course. This partnership combines sophisticated simulator technology and expert instruction from Simwave with the expertise of EYOS to deliver essential training with practical, real-world polar expeditions insight that is not found in any other course.

This innovative curriculum satisfies ice navigation training for nautical officers wishing to meet the requirements of the IMO’s International Code for Ships Operating in Polar Waters (Polar Course – Basic & Advanced), which came into force in 2017. The Polar Code covers the full range of design, construction, equipment, operational, training, search as well as rescue and environmental protection matters relevant to ships operating in the inhospitable waters surrounding the two poles.

Simwave’s team modelled actual passages and landscapes that expedition ship officers are certain to navigate, including Antarctica’s famous Lemaire Channel, Paradise Bay, Port Lockroy and Palmer Station, along with fjords in Svalbard and the Canadian Arctic, including Bellot Strait. 

The Polar Code and Expedition Operations and many available courses to cruise ship officers at Simwave. Just as in other Simwave courses (including Bridge Resource Management and Ship Handling), unique custom-made models for specific ships can be used in the simulator to give officers the most realistic training possible on their own ships.  

If you would like to know more about the Polar & ice navigation, see our article on the website or let us know.

Competency Management Framework

During the last two decades the Maritime industry evolves at an impressive rate, bringing significant changes to organisations in terms of technology, resources, organisational structure and procedures.
This progress is of course implying an increase of operational complexity which requires a high level of competency of individuals at the sharp end.

So how do you ensure people are competent in their job and meet the criteria to satisfy the needs of the organisation to face these operational challenges?
We believe that training is a journey towards achieving this goal and that learning should be sustained beyond a single training program, so it turns into competence above mere compliance.

Simwave helps organisations to build a Competency Management Framework that works for them and not just for anyone. Although the whole maritime industry shares many similarities, organisations are not all the same and therefore employees’ Knowledge, Skills and Attitude should be aligned with company goals, standards and vision.

Our Competency Management Framework consists of different stages:

  • We Define: knowledge, skills and attitudes that employees need to do their job.
  • We Create: training programs and development plans to fill in the knowledge, skills and attitude gaps.
  • We Assess: employees’ and recruits’ competencies to determine how well their skills and knowledge match their job requirements and company standards.
  • We Update and Refresh: to always be aligned with the industry`s evolution and to refresh on core principles.
  • We Monitor and Measure: to achieve organisational goals and support development.

As we see training as a journey towards improved operational competencies, we take organisational challenges at heart by offering tailor made training cycles and sustaining the learning with customised LMS, on board visits, refreshers, webinars, Q&A sessions and provide full support to individuals at the sharp end, training department, vessel managers and executives alike.

Below is an example of a training cycle for Bridge Officers spread over 5 years starting with a Bridge resource management training and ending with a Proficiency check (assessment of individuals and/ or teams. This complements the Competency Management Framework and also contains extracurricular activities that will enhance the Bridge and Engine Officers knowledge and skills bringing them to higher levels of competencies.

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