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Message from our CEO Marcel Kind

Autumn arrived in The Netherlands and we are still in one of the most challenging periods of our society, as COVID-19 continuous to impact nearly every aspect of our daily lives. The shipping industry has been heavily affected and at Simwave we continue to support the shipping community which has been core to our company’s DNA. Our teams in The Netherlands and Vietnam continue to deliver training & assessment solutions as well as continue to develop new technologies and trainings. We do this in a close partnership with our clients to continue to deliver a 5-star product!

In this newsletter we provide some more info about our Learning Management System. With our Learning Management System and simulation-based training, continuous development enables seafarers and shoreside personnel to continuously expand and refresh their knowledge and skills and work on their resilience and attitude. Maritime professionals are enabled, through the different tools to train more effectively and reduce travel. However, in order to train teams and assess a specific person assessment with advanced simulator technology using real equipment is unavoidable. 

C02 reduction targets and new sulphur emission limits are drivers for companies to implement new technologies on board. This Management of Change, as part of a regulatory compliance require new competences and capabilities. The drivers for additional training are often fuelled by the STCW (e.g. the IGF Code). However, the STCW does not cover shoreside personnel and more company specific or system specific training. To fulfil this GAP, we designed a 3 day online, interactive training program under the name: LNG Introduction for shoreside personnel.

In this newsletter we also provide you some more insight on the training and assessment requirements and best practices for tankers. These best practices are based on our experience as well as on industry guidelines and vetting requirements, like The Tanker Management Self-Assessment (TMSA).

Through our sister company Transafe B.V. we are able to provide a COVID-19 rapid test. This test is available for the wider shipping industry and will also be used within our facility in accordance with our procedures. When you need any assistance for testing just let us know. All other COVID-19 measurements remain in place and we are happy with all the compliments we received from participants for the COVID-19 measures.

I hope everyone stays safe in the coming period and I hope to welcome you soon again online or onside. We continue to serve and make a difference for your crew.

With warm regards,

Marcel Kind
CEO & Founder

Learning Management System

The Learning Management System (LMS) of Simwave is developed completely in-house and we keep on developing the LMS together with our clients. Our integrated learning approach is unique and bespoke for every client. It is not an off-the-shelf product for each client but we take the journey together.

Our learning developers can create different bespoke courses for you as well as a large library of existing courses. Besides this, you can use the LMS for Case Studies to share lessons learned through your fleet and use online simulations technology and VR. This is a great way of learning and participants love it!

Some features:

LMS Course Builder
In the LMS is a course builder available which allows for easy creation of multi-layer courses. Break up courses into sections, modules, topics, and quizzes/assessments

Advanced quizzing
Through the advanced quizzing model you can build up quizzes or assessments. You can choose from eight different question types with the option you need to customize the experience.

Flexible prerequisites
Set course, module and quiz-based prerequisites. Using prerequisites allows you to determine which courses or quizzes need to be taken and in what order. Create a Continues Development Plan or provide participants the option to choose the courses they take!

Learning Points
Award learners as they complete courses and allow them to unlock new courses, based on the learning points they have earned. It is great letting them choose their own dynamic learning path!

Group Management
Place users into groups and allow others to manage them. Organize your learners any way you wish by placing them into groups. Once in a group, assign a Group Leader who can manage their progress and performance.
Groups are a great way to mass-enrol users into courses and to make sure that they are all on the same drip-feed schedule for the content. You can also pull group related reports, so you always know how they are performing.

Detailed Reporting
Quickly run reports on user enrolment, progress, and quiz / assessments performance. Reporting captures all the details you care about on your learners and courses.

If you like to learn more about the LMS please send an email to and we are more than happy to provide you a demonstration.

LNG introduction for shoreside personnel

Simwave introduces a new online course! This LNG course for shoreside personnel provides an introduction and a better understanding of the operations and risk assessment that apply to LNG fuelled ships.

This course is developed in our LMS. In our LMS you can find a complete set of pre-reading materials. The LNG Course will consist of theory, exercises, and calculations. This combination of interactive learning methods will assure efficient and effective learning. This 3-day course will be hosted online by an expert from Simwave. During the online course you can ask questions to the expert, execute exercises etc.

The knowledge gained from this course will make you much more objective in the decisions making process and much more accurate in calculating any parameters. In short, you will be much more efficient and effective in your work regarding LNG.

If you would like to register or know more about the LNG introduction for shoreside personnel course, please have a look at our leaflet.

Tanker Management Self Assessment 

In this article we like to highlight some industry guidelines and best practices for ship operators. The guidelines are mostly based on TMSA, ISGOTT and vetting requirements for merchant vessels. 

In Element 3 and 3A of the guidelines (Recruitment and management of vessel personnel) of TMSA different references are made to training and assessments (e.g. questions 2.3 + 2.4…. + 3.3). In general a ship operator needs to identify additional training that will enhance the management of safety, security and environmental performance as well as carry out competency assessments for new hires and for promotions. Shipboard operational performance and technical skills is part of the training requirements as well as leadership, resilience and teamwork. These training exceeds the STCW requirements. 
Refreshment training is part of this and a general accepted interval is every 5 years. Monitoring these requirements can be done through a Competency Management System which can be part of a LMS. 

In Element 5 (navigational safety) one will find questions for competency management for masters and navigational officers, both to maintain core skills as well as specialist skills, like DP, ice navigation etc. For this part simulators are used, e.g. Bridge Team Management (BTM) and Ship Handling. For Engineers the same can be applied. In this element (Q 4.4) refreshment training is required. 

In Element 6 (Cargo, Ballast, Tank Cleaning and Bunkering Operations) shore based simulator training which covers routine and emergency cargo operations including assessment are mentioned. These are just a few examples and additional and/or specific can be found  in company specific vetting’s and e.g. in ISGOTT. In the sixth edition of ISGOTT released this year special attention is drawn to the Human Element. 
Hybrid training and assessments models are the solutions for competency management. Online learning with additional training on simulators and a robust assessment program. If you like to have a complete overview of the TMSA/ISGOTT requirements and our solutions please sent an email to

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