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Message from our CEO

Last month we were happy to host a Hybrid Town Hall meeting with all our staff working in 3 different continents. We are lucky to have an inclusive team of experts with over 10 different nationalities, working around the world to create the best learning experience. Our Masters in Education, Masters of all Ships, UX designers, content writers, instructors and experts, are creating a learning eco-system, with the use of different technologies. Together with our clients and partners, we try to make the learning experience better every day. Training is not something we do aside, but is our core business!

In this newsletter one of our learning experts, Mr. Antonio Russo, will provide some insights how technology can help with maritime training and how to implement a proper blended learning experience. Blended learning, or hybrid learning, requires a different role form the instructor and the different teaching methods need to be aligned. In our philosophy technology changes the way of learning; however the participant remains central. Learning is not about technology providers, but is a process that leads to change as a result of experience and required to improve the overall performance.

One of the most valuable learning experiences are team trainings! When you spend time with your colleagues and train different scenarios on a full mission simulator, with a briefing and debriefing lead by an industry expert, without being interrupted by daily activities. This is the feedback we receive every week and, in this newsletter, we highlight an example case of Vroon Offshore. The Offshore & Renewable industry requires specific competences in a complex environment.

In the coming weeks, we will attend different events and trade shows to discuss with you about training and competency management:

  • METSTRADE in Amsterdam : November 15 – 17 | Superyacht Pavilion booth 09.307
  • Crew Connect Global in Manilla : November 22-27
  • Smart Shipping Event in H.I. Ambacht : December 1

If you would like to meet one of our team members during these events feel free to contact us and we will make ourselves available. Feel free to contact us via or give us a call.

Stay safe and we are looking forward to see you soon!

The role of technology in the future of maritime training

During one of my latest University research assignments, I explored the concept of the use of technology in the classroom and how this has an impact on teaching, learning and assessments.

It is true that technology plays a major part in our daily lives, from the use of computers, to simulators, to LMS. There is no doubt that technology in education is here to stay!

Given this, and as a point of reflection, rises two perhaps philosophical yet key questions: Should we start with technology and fit the lesson around it? Or do we start with the lesson and fit the technology into this? The theory suggests that neither of these two questions are appropriate.

The real question we should be asking is how we empower students to meet the learning outcomes in a way that is engaging, enjoyable and motivating. In short, we place the student experience at the centre of the decision making.

If technology will enhance the learning experience, then use it. If it doesn’t, then don’t!

One of the most used, and perhaps misinterpreted terms in education today is “Technology Enhanced Learning”. The key word here is ‘enhanced’, as it refers to the enhancement of student learning through technology. In fact, technology alone does not necessarily enhance student learning.

Technology in education therefore must have a clear scope.

Read the full article written by Antonio Russo on our website.

Vroon Offshore Services | Officers Dialogue Days

After two years of not being able to meet physically, Vroon Offshore Services (VOS) wanted to organise Officers Dialogue days with lots of interaction, peer learning and simulate realistic scenarios with bridge and engine room teams.

VOS, Global Maritime and Simwave created a bespoke training program, where Simwave is able to welcome larger groups of participants and split them into different sessions or simulators. During the training, officers were updated on different topics among safety guidelines. The Activity Specific Operating Guidelines (ASOG) sets out the operational, environmental and equipment performance limits for the location and the specific activity a offshore vessel is undertaking. VOS and Global Maritime provided the input for realistic scenarios based on ASOG, data analysis and the team of Simwave created different scenarios, were bridge and engine room teams need to work together as one. During the briefings and debriefings, all learning objectives are discussed; which are based on industry guidelines (e.g. IMCA guidelines) and company specific procedures. Training and assessing critical operations are beneficial for all teams, including the shore-based teams while simulation increases skills and awareness.

Between the training days, a nice dinner was provided in the Simwave Bistro to complete an intensive day of training. The interaction between crew members and office based staff helps to create better relationships and further strengthen team work. More officer days have been planned for in the coming weeks.

Open enrolments

On our website, we offer a range of open courses. These courses will be extended in the coming period. The open courses that we are offering at the moment are LNG introduction for shoreside personnelPolar & Ice Navigation (Polar & Ice Navigation Basic now also online!) , DP Familiarization CourseSTS operationsNavigation Assessor Course and IGF course.

Upcoming courses:

  • November 17 – SIRE 2.0 Workshop
  • METSTRADE in Amsterdam : November 15 – 17 | Superyacht Pavilion booth 09.307
  • Crew Connect Global in Manilla : November 22-27  
  • Smart Shipping Event in H.I. Ambacht : December 1 

Interested? Have a look at our open courses.

In our Learning Management System, we also offer a lot of different courses. If you would like to know more, please contact us

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