Cruise industry

Knowledge, skills and attitude

In the cruise industry there is an increasing demand for training and assessment of officers using ship simulation. Cruise lines only like to work with competent crew; who can demonstrate that they have the knowledge, skills and right attitude to deal with complex vessels and/or operations in addition to a high demanding group of passengers.

360 degrees projection

At Simwave you’ll find the only tailor-made cruise bridge installed at an independent simulator centre in the world. Our 360 degrees projection, full mission bridge simulator is equipped with cockpit bridge which is installed at 90% of the current cruise vessels. On top of that this bridge simulator has a unique floor projection system; 8 additional projectors facing downwards to create a seamless transition between the vertical cylindrical screens and the horizontal floor. The wheelhouse construction is mounted 1 meter above the floor and contains bridge wings – you won’t find a better solution to train your docking operations in the world!

Integration for highly effective simulation

Our 360 degrees’ full mission bridge simulator can be integrated with:

  • Full mission engine room simulator – Diesel electric.
  • Full mission engine room simulator – dual fuel LNG.
  • Part task engine room simulators.
  • Part task navigation simulators.
  • 180 degrees’ full mission simulators.
  • 360 degrees’ full mission tug simulators.