Merchant shipping

Customized training

Fleet owners are often not satisfied with the level of specialization of existing governmental schools. They increasingly want their staff to attend customized training, based on their own specific vessel types, equipment and procedures.


Setting up an own in-house training centre is very expensive and complex because the simulator will only be used for a small percentage of the time and the in-house necessary available didactical knowledge and training experience is often underestimated. Together with the ship-owner or ship-management company we create the right team and services, tailor made and affordable.

A wide range of simulators

Simwave has a wide range of simulators which makes us capable of offering a solution for each type and size of maritime company. Our unique ‘ship as a system’ approach makes it possible to integrate the various simulators such as bridge, liquid cargo and engine room simulators into one scenario. The possibilities are endless.

  • Full mission bridge simulators 360 degrees projection.
  • Full mission bridge simulators 180 degrees LCD.
  • Part task bridge simulators.
  • Full mission engine room simulators;
  • Part task engine room simulators.
  • Liquid cargo handling simulators.