A perfect tool to train tug masters

A realistic simulator is a perfect tool to train or assess tug masters. Simwave offers various full mission simulators to offer an extremely realistic experience.


As tug master needs to learn to work in close cooperation with a diversity of stakeholders in the nautical chain, such as captains, pilots and port authorities. Simwave offers facilities where all various simulators can be integrated into one scenario.

360 degrees’ full mission tug simulator

Simwave offers a Kongsberg 360 degrees’ full mission tug simulator with an (offshore) tug bridge configuration corresponding to a variety of offshore and harbour tugs. It is even possible to pan the 360 degree’ view from forward view to aft view if required.


Especially when training tug masters, the use of accurate and scientifically proven mathematical ship models are vital. Therefore, Simwave creates its own mathematical ship models in-house by a team of world class experts.