Learning Management System (LMS)


The Learning Management System (LMS) of Simwave is developed completely in-house and we keep on developing. Our integrated learning approach is unique and bespoke.

Our subject matter experts can create different bespoke courses but there is also a large library of existing courses. Besides this, the LMS can be used for Case Studies to share lessons learned through your fleet and use online simulation technology and virtual training solutions.

In this way, both the personnel on board and at home are able to gain more knowledge on many subjects. Personnel about to join their ship can refresh their knowledge on for instance the collision regulations. This is also beneficial for those who have to stay on board by keeping them alert and in the training mode, making sure everyone is aware of the risks of for instance fatigue.

LMS features

Interactive materials

  • Userfriendly navigation through the different modules
  • Structured learning
  • Cartoonized approach for simplified & attractive learning
  • Animations
  • Gifs

Interactive total support:
While the participant is progressing through the course an intelligent Q&A support system will answer most to all of the Questions left behind.

Sandbox or Containerized demo software:
As mentioned, the application of the theory learned in this course will be done through a virtual training environment. See the below explanation on this containerized demo software.

Simwave is developing a system in which software can run in the cloud, safely containerized. The learner gets a sandbox environment where they are safe in the knowledge that they can play around with the software as much as they like without breaking anything or damaging your infrastructure.

The users don’t have to waste time downloading and installing the software, they can open the LMS in their browser, on any device including mobile devices and tablets, and get started straight away. This is particularly useful when the learners work in the maritime industry, where their computer infrastructure is locked down and they don’t have the right system access to download programs.

…more features…

LMS Course Builder
In the LMS is a course builder available which allows for easy creation of multi-layer courses. Break up courses into sections, modules, topics, and quizzes/assessments

Advanced quizzing
Through the advanced quizzing model you can build up quizzes or assessments. You can choose from eight different question types with the option you need to customize the experience.

Flexible prerequisites
Set course, module and quiz-based prerequisites. Using prerequisites allows you to determine which courses or quizzes need to be taken and in what order. Create a Continues Development Plan with assigned courses per rank/ participant or provide participants the option to choose the courses they take at a for them convenient moment, with a set deadline for instance.

…and more features.

Learning Points
Award learners as they complete courses and allow them to unlock new courses, based on the learning points they have earned. It is great having the option to let them choose their own dynamic learning path!

Group Management
Place users into groups and allow others to manage them. Organize your learners any way you wish by placing them into groups. Once in a group, assign a Group Leader who can manage their progress and performance.
Groups are a great way to mass-enroll users into courses and to make sure that they are all on the same drip-feed schedule for the content. You can also pull group related reports, so you always know how they are performing.

Detailed Reporting
Quickly run reports on user enrolment, progress, and quiz / assessments performance. Reporting captures all the details you care about on your learners and courses.
Identify competency gaps and Learning opportunities.

If you would like to have more information regarding online training or our LMS, have a look at our example training or send us an email at