DP Familiarisation course


In line with Rev.2 of IMCA 117 – The Training and Experience of Key DP Personnel – it is highly recommended that all companies who own and/or operate dynamically positioned vessels contribute to enhance the skills of employees who are involved with DP operations. Not only DP Operators need to have a good understanding about this complex system. All key personnel such as fleet managers, Staff Engineers, Construction and Technical Superintendents as well as diving supervisors and drilling staff should be introduced to the DP world by taking a DP Familiarization course. This course is very beneficial as operations involving DP can be optimized after participants widen their knowledge about the system.


On the other hand we understand that not everybody has flexible time to follow a complete 5 days DP Induction or Awareness training. Looking at this, Simwave will start a 2 days DP Familiarization Course where the main principles of the system will be addressed in detail. The training will combine a mix of Theory + hands-on exercises so they can experience what dynamic positioning means by practicing it.

The course contents are based on IMCA 117 guidelines and include:

  • Operation of the DP Control system;
  • DP main elements;
  • Operation of vessel sensors and position reference sensors;
  • DP classes and redundancy definitions;
  • Main DP modes of operation;
  • System advantages and disadvantages;
  • Knowledge about rules and regulations applied to DP;
  • FMEA standards applied to DP;
  • Cases studies.

Course information

DP Familiarisation open course dates

February 13 & 14
April 03 & 04
June 05 & 06
August 28 & 29
October 09 & 10
December 04 & 05

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