Fault finding… and how to prevent them


Being able to respond to alarms as well as finding and resolving malfunctions effectively is most important for marine engineers. Not finding serious faults quickly can contain risk factors such as loss of propulsion or environmental violation. Moreover, avoiding problems and unfortunate surprises is even more important. All these things require good engine room management at various levels.

Overall training outcome

After this course participants have developed their problem-solving skills, are able to focus on the right problem and can develop a range of options to respond effectively. For an effective training outcome theory lessons will be alternated with practical exercises in a very advanced full mission engine room simulator.

Theory and simulation

  • Regulatory framework
  • Root cause analysis methods
  • Explore complex multi actor systems
  • Logical reasoning
  • Problem diagrams
  • Availability & utilisation
  • Trends and communication
  • Cases and simulation

Course information

Date & time
Please contact us for specific dates and costs


Target group
Marine Engineers, superintendents and others that are
involved in this matter within their job


Number of participants
Minimum 4 and maximum 6


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