Ship To Ship Handling


‘Ship to Ship’ operations are mainly in use for cargo transfer between two ships. This can take place out in the open sea, in ports or at anchorages. The manoeuvres need to bring the ships safely alongside of each other. This requires a specific expertise from the navigator. Many times these navigators are Mooring Masters, Pilots or Captains. In our 2 day Ship handling Conventional / Podded, you practice these manoeuvres under various circumstances and you learn how to bring the ships safely together in a safe environment. An important aspect in the course is the force that takes place at the moment of ‘the touch’. On our simulators we visualise these forces and you learn how improve these manoeuvres. For this training we use the 360 degrees full mission simulator in combination with our full mission simulator, with a 180 degrees outside view. The ship models we use are all equipped with a realistic Yokohama fendering.

Training, overall outcome

  • You have developed and improved skills in various manoeuvring techniques for Ship handling operations;
  • You have developed a good view of possibilities to execute these operations in a safely and good manner;
  • You have practiced difficult circumstances in a safe environment.

Target group & Practical information

You represent a company that executes Ship to Ship operations and want to train Mooring masters or Captains. You are a Mooring master, Pilot, Captain or you are involved, in some other way, in Ship to Ship operations. The course will be given in English and Dutch and upon request can be given in German. A certificate of competence as deck officer or something similar is preferable.

For the Person in Overall Control like Marine Supervisor/Superintendent, Loading Master or Cargo Surveyor, Simwave hosts a 3-day Ship To Ship cargo transfer supervisor training. Preparing for best practices on operation, control and safe execution to minimize risk to the operation and environment.

Course information

Below are the Ship To Ship mooring master/cargo handling supervisor course dates for this year: