Shipping Technology & Simwave/Transafe announce joint venture for safer inland shipping

Shipping Technology & Simwave/Transafe announce joint venture for safer inland shipping

Rotterdam, February 17th 2020 – Shipping Technology and Simwave/Transafe announce a joint venture to prevent further nautical incidents within inland shipping. Remco Pikaart (Founding Partner Shipping Technology) and Marcel Kind (Managing Director Simwave and Maritime Advisor at Transafe) aim to use the expertise of both companies to create a safer environment for the entire industry.

Towards smarter inland shipping

With intelligent hardware and software from Shipping Technology use artificial intelligence is being used to process data from inland shipping in different applications. Daily operational activities will be supported and improved. Safer routing, more efficient fuel use, preventive maintenance identification, these are just some examples that will be possible by the digitisation that Shipping Technology offers.

Marcel Kind: “With the unique technology of Shipping Technology we can now prevent any nautical incident even better. If any incident does occur, we are able to analyse it with help of the incident investigators of Transafe and load anonymised data into the simulators of Simwave for further investigation and training purposes. For the inland shipping industry this approach is unique in its completeness.”

Remco Pikaart of Shipping Technology adds: “Transafe is market leader within the safety domain of inland shipping. With this joint venture, we can further determine where Shipping Technology adds value to return nautical data to the client. We aim to support skippers and fleet owners for safer nautical operations, but also in their maintenance and other relevant processes aboard their vessels.”

Risk Reduction for Inland shipping

With this joint venture between Simwave and Transafe a new portfolio of products and services arises that will ultimately lead to a significant reduction of risks during operational activities aboard inland vessels. This portfolio includes:

  • On vessels equipped with the ‘Black Box Pro’ of Shipping Technology a link will be made with MARAD maintenance software of Transafe. With this link the maintenance system will be fed with the most recent data aboard. Because of this, necessary maintenance on board can be predicted, enabling significant cost reductions for ship owners .
  • The data of Shipping Technology will be used by Simwave’s simulator trainings to analyse the ideal route on certain parts of the river to supply skippers with more realistic trainings.
  • For incident research, historical anonymised data of collision/near-misses and the agrounding of ships agroundings will be used to analyse what happened and via simulation technology an analysis will be made if the incident was preventable and to what degree. With this data, more efficient trainings can be developed.