Build your own training centre

Future proof and tailor made

Why invest a large amount of capital in a complex simulator centre and try to source scarce professionals for the manning of this centre? Simwave offers companies the use of its facilities. The facilities are future proof and tailor made according to your company’s own corporate values and strategy. This gives you the benefits of having a dedicated in-house training centre without the need to invest in the right simulator infrastructure and capacities, or having the burden of operating it. You invest in a state-of-the art training centre in a smart way. You only pay for what you use supported by great benefits, like your own dedicated training centre.

Your own dedicated training centre

Simwave offers companies full usage of one or multiple simulators with the opportunity to brand the centre to your own liking. When your customers, employees or other stakeholders enter the facility they will feel that it is your facility, with different options to express your corporate values.


Compared to traditional training methods the training on our simulators increases effectiveness of training. Simwave delivers mathematical models of your vessels, creates your sailing environments and connects different simulators to create the most realistic scenario’s. On top of this we develop, maintain and update custom-made training material and deliver dedicated simulator operators to assist you with technical support.

Benefits of Simwave versus your own simulator

  • Each simulator will be operated by a Simwave operator but can be used with your own in-house trainer/instructor to teach the trainee the required tailor-made operations procedures, or to execute applied research.
  • In-house independent assessment capacity for senior officers (engine and navigation department).
  • Facilities are fully customizable according to your own corporate brand values.
  • Training on our simulators increases effectiveness of training compared to traditional training methods.
  • Simwave offers a full range of training services and assists in development, maintaining and updates of training.

Some more benefits

  • Flexible attitude and open 24/7.
  • Technical support by a Simwave operator to support your own trainers/instructor.
  • Assessment tools and independent assessors for all types of crew.
  • Facilities are fully customizable according to your own corporate brand values.
  • Complete up-to-date web-based management reporting system on training, testing and certification status.

And of course…

  • Simwave has the possibility to develop your requested mathematical ship models and visual databases upon first request. Our mathematical and visual database development team assures (a short time-to-market) realistic ship models and port environments which gives you the possibility to use the simulators not only for training but also for port or navigation studies.
  • The only centre which enables training, applied research and proposed operations assessments for LNG, ship-to-ship operations and special dedicated (river) requirements.
  • The applied research capacity of the most advanced simulator centre is unique and time sharing is the only possibility to support the costs of investing in a centre like Simwave.
  • Pay per use – no upfront investments.

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