All simulations are automatically recorded

The Simwave facility in Barendrecht, Rotterdam, is equipped with different classrooms / (de)briefing rooms. All exercises, on any of the simulators, automatically record all variables during the exercise or during parallel multiple exercises.


All simulations are automatically recorded and the instructor can decide to store, re-name or rewind the recordings. The debriefing phase is central to the process of learning and the instructor can choose to replay the entire exercise, or a selected segment from any point in the exercise, in order to focus on a specific learning objective.

Briefing-exercise-debriefing cycle

The briefing/debriefing system can make a briefing/exercise/debriefing cycle possible with a time allocation to each phase of: 25% briefing and planning, 50% exercise run and 25% debriefing.


For assessment purposes, the system facilitates the information requirements from a psychological perspective and is dedicated to assessment of staff officers and (ship resource) management teams. Also, the availability of ship-shore and ship-ship interaction and communication is available, with a focus on pilot training and pilot exemption certification of captains.

Integrated CCTV system

Simwave can record all communication between the different simulators and instructors. In addition, our integrated CCTV system can record communication and student behaviours that are not part of the physical simulator system itself. The CCTV system is synchronised with the K-Sim debrief system, using the same timestamps as the simulator recordings. This facility is also incorporated within the engine room simulator, when running in connected mode.

Powerful pedagogic tool

This combined solution is a powerful pedagogic tool for instructors and psychologists when analysing student’s behaviour and interaction (both technical and human behaviour).


All our classrooms are equipped with state of the art classroom facilities and can also be used for non-simulator related training.