Engine room simulators

Effective method for training engineers

Simulator training has over the last years proved to be an effective method when training engineers. Especially when an error of judgment can endanger life, environment and property. Simulation can compress years of experience into a few weeks, and generate knowledge of the dynamic and interactive processes typical for a real engine room.


Professionally delivered simulator training will reduce accidents and improve efficiency, giving the engineers the necessary experience and confidence in their role.

Practice decision making

The best way to acquire practical experience is to learn from real life in a real engine room. However, the efficiency requirements do not allow for this kind of on-board education, hence the training has to be carried out on a simulator. Practicing decision-making in a simulator environment, where decisions and their effects are monitored, provides an exceptional opportunity to evaluate the effect of decisions made.


Simulators offer lots of possibilities to experiment on specific problems and in getting answers on questions as: “what happens if ….?” without leading to wrecking of components and resulting off hire costs is unique. Furthermore a simulator will give more understanding of background theories through the realistic operation of the simulator.

The world’s most advanced engine room simulator

It is important that the trainees experience life-like conditions on the simulator and that the tasks they are asked to carry out are recognised as important and relevant in their job-situation. The trainees should be challenged at all levels of experience to achieve further experience and confidence. 


As a tool to accomplish these competences Simwave offers one of the world’s most extensive and advanced engine room simulators, with seven different engine room models, in our full mission simulator and desktop engine simulators: a cruise vessel with a 6,6 kV diesel electric propulsion plant, various vessels with four stroke medium speed engines, dual fuel engines, MAN two stroke engine as well a Wärtsilä electronically controlled two stroke engine.

Globally unique integration with bridge simulator

A number of models can be integrated with one or more of our bridge simulators. This feature is globally unique!


Additionally, our full mission engine room simulator is situated in a two-storey room. You rapidly imagine yourself in an actual engine room.