Liquid cargo handling simulators

Realistic simulation of various cargo systems

The liquid cargo handling simulators installed at Simwave are able to train junior officers in basic cargo handling operations, senior officers in emergency operations,  senior personnel in optimal operations during cargo handling and offer troubleshooting. This is achieved by delivering controlled training and providing realistic simulation of the various, model-dependent, cargo systems. This directly leads to better understanding of the total cargo operation.


Our cargo handling simulators can be used for tankers carrying LNG, LPG and (petro)chemicals.

Creating different situations

Dependent on the background knowledge and experience of the trainee, the simulator is capable of creating situations ensuring appropriate training in:

  • System familiarisation.
  • Special operations and procedures.
  • Cargo and ballast operations.
  • Operational problems.

Simwave liquid cargo handling simulators are integrated with the various ship models in the navigation simulators.