Mathematical modelling & visual database design

Competitive pricing and short time to market

At Simwave you can train on your own ships in your specific port or operating area. Because we guarantee competitive pricing with a short time to market. Simwave has its own team of specialists who create accurate 3D mathematical ship models and specific port, river or sea environments.


At Simwave we facilitate equipment, software and knowledge to complete complex maritime research projects. We create the models, provide advice to clients on those projects and recognise fields of development.

Mathematical modelling

The mathematical model is known as the “brain” of a simulation system. It ensures the proper motion of the ship model in 6 degrees of freedom (6DOF).


With Kongsberg’s K-Sim mathematical modeling tools and the experts in the modeler team, Simwave can cope with any challenge on modelling. The team is filled with expertise in shipbuilding, hydrodynamics, aerodynamics, ship propulsion systems, marine engineering, automation and navigation.

Various types of ships…

Simwave can build various types of ship models:

  • Cruises and ferries
  • Tankers
  • Dry cargo ships
  • Offshore vessels and floating constructions including AHSVs and MODUs
  • Navy ships
  • Inland water vessels
  • Fishing ships
  • Fixed or floating objects
  • Buoys and other floating lights

… and of propulsion

Ships and floating objects are modelled with hydrodynamic, hydrostatic and aerodynamic specifics but also regarding the propulsion system there are numerous possibilities i.e.:

  • Conventional rudders or advanced rudders
  • Conventional propellers with or without nozzles
  • Azimuth propellers
  • Voith–Schneider propellers
  • Waterjets

The power systems, ballast water management and mechanical systems are also modelled and fully integrated into the Full Mission Bridge (FMB) system.

3D Visual design

3D visual databases developed with state of the art tools can improve image resolution and quality, which helps to enhance the processing capabilities of the simulator and smooth motion of 3D images. The depth of the water is based on the latest updated ENCs (WGS 84).


The 3D visual databases include, but are not limited to:

  • Fairway and TSS systems
  • Seaport and riverport constructions
  • Navigation buoys and lighthouses
  • Water depth

Urban and natural landscapes

In addition to developing the visual database for ports and navigation fairway, Simwave also provides a production of 3D visual database of urban, city and natural landscapes for simulation, introduction or management of various properties and resources.


The 3D visual database of military and civil constructions such as buildings, houses, warehouses, factories etc. can be designed at the request of their owner or manager to monitor and assess their condition. It is a useful tool to assess the property condition at the on-hire/off-hire or delivery time. Status of the works can be updated periodically as required.