Bridge Simulators

Full mission bridge simulator I 360° projection I cruise ship bridge LAYOUT I integrated bridge wings with unique floor projection system

Navigation Bridge

This navigation bridge is equipped with a globally unique floor projection system and integrated bridge wings as part of the wheelhouse, making it ideal for complex mooring operations.

360° projection

Full mission bridge simulator

Full mission bridge simulator with 360° projection, including Kongsberg DP2 system and a wide array of controls making it suitable for various vessel types.

Full mission bridge simulators

180° LCD

Full mission bridge simulator with 180° LCD screens, equipped with Kongsberg DP2 system and 3 azimuth controls or conventional helm control.

bridge simulators

Part-task navigation simulators

Desktop navigation simulator featuring 55″ flat screen outside view, 45° horizontal field of view, along with 3 additional screens for ECDIS, conning and radar screens.