Simwave and React Academy announces to jointly invest in new standards of training on board ships with a focus on new and existing hazards, which includes explosive lithium-ion batteries on vessels amongst other new world safety challenges.

“Battery-related fires are now the maritime industries’ most expensive cause of loss and our emergency response teams have been called out to control multiple lithium-ion batteries’ fire incidents. Our experience is that during incidents procedures are not clear and crew members receive insufficient training with regards to batteries, alternative fuels and modern techology says Dennis Kusters, of React Emergency Response Services.

With Simwave and React’s shared commitment to increasing onboard safety through high standard training, the partnership is one of a kind, and makes it possible to support as many seafarers as possible

The global concern of climate change has led to the development of new technologies to help solve some of the biggest environmental concerns and stimulate a shift towards a more sustainable, low-carbon economy. New technologies and new fuels are used and/or transported by ships which on its own create new risks and requires different competencies of crew members on board vessels.

“As Simwave we provide high technical and high managerial training and with alternative fuels and new technologies on board we see that the STCW requirements do not fully cover those developments. For this reason we decided to partner with an industry expert todevelop contemporary guidelines and provide training solutions around these new risks” says Marcel Kind, CEO of Simwave.

Under the STCW 2010 requirements for training and certification, every five years training is required to be undertaken on fire prevention and firefighting. These training requirements have not been revised in recent years and it might take a long time before the requirements are updated. Today the shipping industry has a need for more advanced and specific training around the activities the crew is involved in. Low-flash point fuels, batteries and/or specific technologies on board require a different approach. It’s important that the crew is aware of specific procedures, safety challenges and best practice guidelines.

For this reason Simwave and React have developed different training modules based on the on board emergency response experience of React and the  technical and didactical  expertise of Simwave. The training tools consist of a mix between online learning through the Simwave Academy, on board training with the React trainer tool and tactical and technical on site training in Simwave’s centre of excellence. The trainings are risk based and focus on prevention and repression and provide both theory as well hands-on training.

With a holistic approach, training can be provided on safety skills and competencies, soft skills as well as automation and digital skills. Simwave already has simulation tools, VR solutions and a practicum for alternative fuels and will further invest in developing world-wide solutions for training. With the specific expertise of REACT as a global leader in emergency response services the partnership is able to share knowledge with all stakeholders in the industry and develop guidelines and training curriculums.

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Marcel Kind

CEO at Simwave

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About React Academy

React Academy is part of React Emergency Response, whose teams are regularly deployed to combat incidents such as: Ship fires, explosion hazards, HazMat and maritime incidents. They call for appropriate action. Not to mention a thorough understanding of the issue. In order to save lives and restrict material damage. To manage the economic and ecological aspects. As no two ships are the same, neither are such incidents.

The experienced React emergency response team knows better than anyone: safety on board saves lives and limits risks. Human actions play a large part in preventing and combating incidents. React Academy offers education and training complemented with practical knowledge, tailor-made and suitable for your fleet or ship, equipment and personnel.

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About Simwave

SIMWAVE is a state-of-the-art Maritime Training Centre of excellence with over 5.000 m2 high quality training facility, in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Simwave has a total of fifty-nine maritime simulators under one roof, installed for training and assessing maritime crew knowledge, skills & capabilities. We set the highest standards for maritime training in the classroom and online. Simwave’s Learning Management System and Competency Management System is a unique solution in the maritime industry to monitor the competence of your crew and take your crew members in an engaging learning environment.

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