Simwave Newsletter February 2020

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Simwave Newsletter February 2020

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Simwave Newsletter February 2020

Radio Zeeland autopilot in inland simulators

In February 2020, two Radio Zeeland automatic pilot systems of the type Titan 550 were put into operation in the full mission Inland navigation of Simwave  bv. In collaboration with Radio Zeeland, Kongsberg and Simwave bv, this RZ Titan 550  configuration has been added to inland navigation simulators, making the simulation of inland navigation scenarios even more connected to practice. The picture above gives a good impression of the inland navigation simulator.

Shiphandling courses for the offshore industry

At the beginning of March, we will receive a group of experienced Anchor Handling Captains and Chief Officers for a Shiphandling course. During 5 days, participants will be able to refresh their theoretical knowledge about best practices and main forces applied to Anchor Handling operations.

After receiving consistent input from the theoretical review, participants will practice various scenarios on a 360 Full mission Offshore bridge simulator. During simulations, they will be requested  to maneuver in different locations and weather conditions. After each practical exercise, a debriefing session will take place, where instructors and participants will be able to give feedback on the operations conducted on the simulator.

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ECDIS: Electronic Chart Display & Information System


ECDIS projection shows the (de)selected IMO visibility layers & Safety depth + contour settings, reflecting (non)navigable waters.

Technology advances and industries develop with the focus on becoming more efficient, reliable and safe. In our rapidly changing world, it is important that we prepare and monitor transition processes carefully. We have to make sure that a new system that will be or already has been implemented, is actually a step forward. As a reaction, sometimes we are expected to specialize in systems that we have not worked with before or are still becoming familiar with. This is especially the case before giving more responsibility away to computer systems and having to rely on them completely. To do so, vigilance and guidance is needed in the form of training. Enhancing knowledge of the systems, the skills and competence to work with them and having the right attitude towards a certain technology will overcome frequent and unnecessary errors by their users.

For the maritime industry, one of the major changes over the last decades has been the shift from Paper Navigational Charts to Electronic Navigational Charts. Leaving the old school days of navigational skills with a pencil far behind us, we now have to tell an Electronic Chart Display & Information System (ECDIS) what we want.

Do you want to know more about our ECDIS Simulation Centre? Read the full article here

New courses in participation with The Nautical Institute

Simwave and The Nautical Institute join forces to offer two new courses in 2020. Both the Onboard Competency Assessment Course and the Navigation Assessor Course are intended for maritime professionals who want to further strengthen their theoretical knowledge and practical skills on both subjects. 

The Nautical Institute (NI) is an international representative body for maritime professionals involved in the control of seagoing ships. It provides a wide range of services to enhance the professional standing and knowledge of members, who are drawn from all sectors of the maritime world.

Nautical Institute Onboard Competency Assessment Course

The Nautical Institute Onboard Competency Assessment course is intended for professionals carrying onboard assessments of seafarers, with regards to behavioral competence. The course follows IMO Model Course 1.30 and is developed in accordance with the provisions of section A-1/6 of the STCW Code and TMSA 3 – Element 3. The course is primarily intended for any person conducting an in-service assessments of the behavioural competence of seafarers on board. The main goal is that personnel conducting onboard assessments of officers and ratings can determine effective assessment methodologies.

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The Nautical Institute Navigation Assessor Course

The Nautical Institute Navigation Assessor Course is designed to guide professionals of the maritime sector on how to best conduct assessments during voyages. The course is delivered in two parts: Part A for Internal assessors who will carry assessments only within their organizations and Part B for External Assessors who will perform assessments for third parties.

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