Simwave Newsletter March 2020

Simwave Newsletter March 2020

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Simwave Newsletter March 2020


Message from our CEO Marcel Kind

We started the year with a full schedule, more trainings and we welcomed new long term clients. The sun was shining and the maritime industry was growing!
Off course we heard about COVID-19 spreading in the Wuhan region in China, but all of us never imagined that this could led to a world-wide pandemic and hit the marine industry so hard, especially the cruise industry.

In these challenging days the health of all of us is our first concern. We need to adjust our lives and take care of each other. The health is something we often forget when we are overloaded in our day-to-day activities. Now we realize how important it is and how vulnerable we are.

Business is challenging. Staff working from home, crew members who can’t be relieved from board to travel back to their loved ones and cruise vessels laid up. On the other hand the world still relies on the marine services to transport essential goods. All credits for the hard working people in the different ports & terminals, crew on board, surveyors etc.

We all woke up and need to adjust our daily routine. At Simwave we are resilient and think with our partners. We use this challenging time to support crew members on board or at home with remote training to keep to spirit high and work on the competencies of your valued crew. Besides this our team works on new trainings, on extending our visual database and on new ship models. We also finalize new cooperation’s to even serve our clients better – Our mission and vision does not change, see our website.

When you have a question or when you like to challenge us let us know; we are open to think with you and will do everything what is in our capability. Give me a call personally to discuss or call with one of our managers / subject matter experts.

Stay healthy and safe!

With warm regards,

Marcel Kind
CEO & Founder
M. +31654326502


Remote Training

At this moment the COVID-19 virus is spreading around the world, affecting people, communities, businesses, etc. as never before. Also the maritime industry, especially the cruise industry, has been hit hard. Most of the cruise vessels are idle now with minimum crew. When we all can leave this period behind us, and we will, we need to be resilient and ready for these better times. Therefore our educational specialists designed a special program to train remotely and connect different teams within one organisation and work on competences and keep a high motivation!

For each company we can design a virtual platform were we can train:

1. Technical Skills and/or;

2. Non-Technical Skills.

Through our platform we provide theory sessions of maximum one hour per session about a certain subject, e.g. scrubbers, LNG or communication. After the participants received their theoretical session they will receive a group assignment or individual test how to use the theory. The group assignment will be discussed with one of our subject matter experts were the participants learn how to apply the theory and/or ask questions. If you do this with different teams (e.g. ships), the different teams also learn from each other. On the platform they can read material but also learn from each other.

One subject can take different weeks. For example: if you like your team to know more about fault finding techniques they will have theoretical sessions for several weeks.

If you like to have more information please let us. For our long-term partners special pricing apply.


Second annual audit DNV-GL

On Tuesday the 10th of March, DNV-GL carried out the second annual audit with regard to ISO 9001:2015 and DNVGL- ST-0029 Maritime Training Providers.

Purpose of the audit was to assess the ability of the Management System to meet the provisions of mentioned standards, and on a sampling basis, to verify that these were implemented and understood at all relevant levels of the organisation of the Company. The auditor has found that the management system complies with the standards. The Board is very satisfied with the result of the audit and likes to express their deep gratitude for the level of compliance of all employees, including our Vietnam office.

As with any organisation and certainly Simwave, we want to develop ourselves and the system further to achieve our mission and vision. By using quality policies, quality objectives, audit results, data analysis, corrective and preventive measures and Board policies, the efficiency and effectiveness of the quality management system needs to be continuously improved.

When we stick to our values, quality, innovation, receptive and independent, we can achieve a lot and give a contribution to the corporate social responsibility in the maritime industry.

Simwave thanks DNV-GL for reconfirming the quality delivered in our centre of excellence, as well as giving us ideas on how we can continue to develop.
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Events: Interstream Barging Crewing Days


On the 11th of March we hosted the Crewing Days 2020 for Interstream Barging. Interstream Barging (ISB) is one of the leading inland shipping operators for the transport of Mineral Oils,

Chemicals and Vegoils. The focus of the business is Europe. The fleet of ISB consists of around 130 barges of which 25 owned by the family runned company. Over 130 employees of ISB will join the crewing days in the next coming months. Subjects are: digitalization, distraction and human element, radar/ECDIS, communication and the cargo simulator for the ship-shore interface.