Instructor engine room and high voltage simulators


Simwave is a company active in comprehensive maritime simulation training centres equipped with simulators based on world-leading simulation technology. Operating the ER simulator and linking with the bridge simulators (sea and inland water), the post holder will be required to instruct and assess qualified marine engineers at all levels.



Position in the organisation

The post holder will be working under the supervision of the manager engine room & high voltage simulators and will be a key role player in the successful design, planning and delivery of engine room simulation based training and assessment.

Tasks and responsibilities

  • professionally and completely operate the various (seven) modern marine engine room plants models;
  • create and test realistic exercises that fulfil the training objectives;
  • conduct, control, monitor and record exercises and assessments;
  • instruct, train and assess students;
  • introduce malfunctions and events thereby responding to actual acts and behaviour of trainees up to the level of chief engineers;
  • give effective and constructive feedback;
  • cooperate efficiently and effectively with Simwave operators that support the use of training devices;

Tasks and responsibilities

  • support applied research;
  • ensure documentation (manuals, procedures, simulator logbooks, etc, is up to date;
  • manage provision of the initial condition and scenario library;
  • apply ownership and good housekeeping principles concerning all engine room simulators;
  • constructive, effective and correct communication with clients, staff and other stakeholders; and
  • be an ambassador for Simwave.

Quality, health and safety, and environment

  • Ensure that the Quality, Safety and Environmental Policy is respected in accordance with National and International legislation and the Company requirements; and
  • be informed with updates in companies procedures and suppliers manuals.

Competences within the function

  • is authorised to seek approval for taking all necessary measures in order to realise objectives of the training, assessments and applied research; and
  • is authorised to initiate commitments on behalf of Simwave BV conform the criteria in the Quality Management System.

Skills & Requirements

  • Qualified and experienced as marine engineer on large seagoing vessels and familiar with both four stroke and two stroke engine propulsion systems;
  • preferable familiar with dual fuel engine rooms and/or diesel electric propulsion plants;
  • in depth knowledge of the maritime sector, engine room technique and technical design;
  • experienced and trained in the use of engine room simulators;
  • experienced as instructor, trainer and/or educator;
  • interested to train and to develop on new activities closely related to developments of the centre;
  • eager to transfer knowledge and experience;

Skills & Requirements

  • establish a good working relationship with colleagues;
  • team worker with a flexible approach;
  • be quality conscious, service minded and creative;
  • fluent in English both verbal and written; and
  • flexibility to travel and work the hours as required.

How to apply?

If you are interested to become our new instructor, we encourage you to send a covering letter and CV to For questions you can send an email to