Corporate social responsibility

Simwave is on the side of the people and planet!

Simwave supports maritime-related organisations all over the world. All tasks are carried out in accordance with our Simwave code of conduct. We maintain a broad and critical view on societal developments and actively take part in them. Our responsibilities do not stop with the relationships we have with our clients, staff, contractors and students. We have an active concern for everything that goes on in the society as well as for the environment.


We fully endorse the creation and conservation of a sustainable society in which people today, and future generations tomorrow, have equal opportunities.

Our social involvement is substantiated in various ways and in various areas

  • We observe our social responsibilities and operate in compliance with all relevant legislations, industrial standards and directives, simultaneously guaranteeing best-of-class training.
  • We are determined to support both national and international efforts that aim to make the maritime sector safer, better and environmentally conscious.
  • We consistently aim to act in such a manner as to minimise any negative impact on the environment that might be caused by our activities.

And also…

  • We encourage clients, contractors and others in our surroundings to act in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • We think and operate internationally but also take our regional responsibilities seriously by supporting local associations and initiatives.