Marcel Kind

After earning my bachelor degree in law I specialised in the marine & terminal industry, with a strong focus on SHEQ- management and compliance of dangerous goods.

As a Managing Director of Transafe B.V. and consultant I design and support processes, advise about the classification of dangerous goods, and support the industry concerning safety, health, environment and quality- related issues. Besides this I emphasise the Transafe team to think out of the box and to customize the service for each and every customer!


Transafe B.V. acts as a knowledge centre for both waterside and landward side (e.g. consignors, terminals and authorities). Our ship-shore approach and multidisciplinary working methods enables us to offer a full range of services, among Safety Advisor ADN, ADR, RID, ISM inspectors etc. Our service provision is based on our core values: Independence, Receptive, Integrity and Progressive thinking!


Interested in: market and product development for the shipping/terminal industry concerning SHEQS-issues and investing opportunities.

Interested in

  • Market and product development for the shipping/terminal industry concerning SHEQS-issues;
  • Investing opportunities.


  • Processes;
  • Shipping industry;
  • Transport of dangerous goods;
  • Implementing(Safety) Management Systems;
  • Shore-Ship interface;
  • Marine consultant.