Making the maritime industry safer by developing, delivering and supporting (outsourced) solutions with maritime (simulator) training and assessment, allowing companies of all sizes to use simulators for training, assessments and applied research, whenever needed and to customers’ needs.


To be the recognized flexible, approachable and cost-effective training, assessment and applied research partner of choice to enhance safety, efficiency and readiness in the maritime industry.


Safety and environmental legislation at international and national levels, combined with the growing requirements to satisfy the greater demands of charterers and stakeholders, is driving a growing focus on the requirement to train and assess seafarers in the human element to develop and maintain competence. Despite advancements in onboard technology, accidents continue to occur, highlighting the need for training above a mere statement of ‘compliance’ in order to develop and maintain safe operation.


Competent crew are a valuable asset for each company involved in the shipping industry. From compliance towards competency requires that crew members have the knowledge (knowing what to do), skills (knowing how to do it) and right attitude (actually doing it).


All these elements can be assessed and trained in our martitime centres of excellence for bridge, engine room and cargo, as well as emergency response, training. With Simwave, companies can prepare their staff for situations that cannot be trained effectively in real life because of the danger, costs or time associated with the training. We allow people to develop their skills practically and cost-effectively. In that way, fleet owners, ship operators and crewing agencies can have competent officers and crew members without investing in several simulators, virtual reality solutions and didactical methods.

Easy to book

We allow companies of any size to easily book a state-of-the-art simulator, or several connected simulators, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Besides this, our in house maritime experts can assist you with course material, 3D-ship modelling, creating specific environments and areas, certification and applied research as well as premier-class customer service.


Simwave brings simulator training to the next level and is the partner for excellence in maritime and human behaviour knowledge. By sharing knowledge and utilising our ‘ship-as-a-system’ approach, both the industry as well as individual companies can benefit through Simwave’s knowledge centre.



Simwave acts as a highly specialised and multi-disciplinary knowledge centre for the maritime industry which uses state-of-the-art simulators, works with the best professionals and all our services meet the highest standards.


Services and methods are continuously renewed and our different partnerships together with our in-house-team of mathematical modellers, visual database developers and didactical specialists bring education, assessment and applied research to the next level;


Simwave offers tailor made services and has the capacity to both anticipate and respond to customer requirements in a reasonable time.


Simwave is an independent service provider and has no financial interest in vessels or their cargo, thus enabling it to provide its services in an open, honest and objective manner.