Our view on Learning

A lot of research has been and is actively being conducted on learning, but if a picture really does paint a thousand words, the image on the left should make Simwave’s approach quite clear. We are in a unique position by supplying both classroom and simulator training in various geographic locations. Add to that the power of our online learning system, whereby your employees can learn about specific topics at their own pace, aligned with your company training matrix.

By focusing on continuous learning, we can reduce the risks of knowledge-skill drop-off over time that potantially leads to inefficiencies and incidents.


Online Courses

We build our online training courses with various objectives in mind, complementing professionally relevant topics with soft skills training and issues to which the industry has paid inadequate attention. Subject matter experts work closely with our content department to write and design courses, and collaborate with learning architects who specialise in course development, formatting and student engagement. Our team has expertise in education as well as content delivery, researching the best methods of learning with special regard to newer generation employees.


Quality of courses

We aim to engage students by creating a want, driving students to complete courses and focus on knowledge gain rather than pushing the need to do the courses due to company or training matrix requirements. Research consistently indicates that when the engagement quotient is high, the learning quotient is directly proportionate to it.


Training Planner

As one of the key pillars of our career management platform, the built-in training matrix is immensely flexible. Not only does the matrix encapsulate learning requirements per position and business type, it is also capable of including other requirements for the personal development of a particular employee or position, and is easily customisable.