The importance of Assessments

The importance of Assessments

The importance of behavioral analysis, unlocking human potential and creating stronger teams.


In the Transafe article “Unconsciously incompetent or consciously ignorant of competence” published on the 18th of May 2018, Managing Director Cristiaan Heuvelman analyses the incident in Grave of the inland tanker, Maria Valentine, and the importance of competency management in precarious situations.
Due to the bad weather conditions and dense fog the ship rammed the weir and released a small amount of benzene in the area.

The article concludes that the current generation of ships meet a high safety and equipment standard, but human errors cannot be fixed by paper or technical modifications. Competence management must be at the forefront to improve competence in the shipping industry.

Compliance management has been the main focus point of Transafe and Simwave CEO/founder Marcel Kind for years. Both companies emphasise a strong yearning for improvement of the knowledge, skills and attitude of the workforce.

Simwave now offers Assessments for the shipping industry in over 30 languages, 24/7. Participants can take a basic or leadership DISC Assessment and integrate the knowledge obtained into the training. A DISC Assessment gives insight if a person has the right behavioural and communication skills needed for the job applied. The DISC Assessment can also be used in combination with a Bridge Resource Management training or 1 on 1 coaching for promotional matters.

In collaboration with Marijke Korendijk of WiMatch, Simwave offers the DISC Assessment for everyone in the shipping industry. From employees to managers and leaders, DISC (Dominance, Inducement, Submission and Compliance) helps to put the four dimensions of behaviour into perspective. After a DISC Assessment participants learn about their own DISC profile. How to avoid misunderstandings and improve miscommunication in the work field, how to avoid taking the wrong decisions in all sorts of situations and raise awareness of once’s self and surroundings. DISC training in combination with the Culture Map training broadens this perspective even more. Especially with the internationalization of the market more and more shipping companies have embraced the DISC Assessment together with the Culture Map training.

When we talk about Compliance Management we cannot ignore the importance of behaviour and communication being one of the most important competencies in this field. Consiousness must be created in order to cause a change of improvement. Once being aware the person can more easily obtain its goals and add value to the team and/or company.

“Good or bad sight, a competent master will safely navigate his ship to its final destination.”; as well put in the Transafe article, we learn with Training and Assessment what those competencies are, so we become conscious of our perspectives and our doings. This way we prevent being unconsciously incompetent and we can work towards improving our competencies in full awareness.

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