Update about our Learning Management System

Update about our Learning Management System

Together with our clients our LMS development team has been working very hard on different updates and a future development program. Within the next months we will further increase the user experience with the release of new features and herewith we like to share some insights form our development team.

If you like to learn more about our full development agenda feel free to contact and we share our vision on competency management.

Management System

The renewed management system makes it possible to manage different roles and to see progress on courses per individual, group and/ or company level.  It will be possible to analyse areas where scoring is above average or under average. From where courses can be pushed to selected individuals and/ or groups on low scoring competence areas.  It is also possible for companies to easily appoint courses to their own employees in the LMS system.

Adaptive Learning

The downside of regular online courses is that participants have a different entry level, while companies require that everyone undertake a certain course or refresher course. For this reason our software developers, content developers and didactical experts created an adaptive learning methodology where we create the possibility to start with an assessment and undertake courses on different levels, as described below.


Certificates will be created when a course is successful passed. The generated certificates will be saved into an user profile page within the system. The user profile page will outline all personal information and all required certificates per course. Consequently, a knowledge base on learning progress will be build up in the user profile page. This information will also be used in the Competency Management System.